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June 16, 2009


The White House press tank corps:

On June 24, Drudge reports, the network will broadcast from inside the White House to air a propaganda special for Obamacare.
Opposing voices will reportedly be excluded. ABC News says “thoughtful” and “diverse” points of view will be allowed. In other words: Shills of all colors!

Why compete to become the most mindlessly pro-Obama network? That’s not news, it’s publicity.

UPDATE: Via Memeorandum, conservative bloggers go ballistic: Riehl World View, Right Wing Nut House, Macsmind, QandO, Atlas Shrugs, Babalú Blog and The Jawa Report.

Remember 2002-04, when the “progressive netroots community” went off on a media establishment they felt were too eager to parrot the Bush administration’s line on Iraq? The problem with reverse-engineering that — which is what conservative bloggers must try to do now — is that during the Bush administration, liberal bloggers had the advantage that 90% of the D.C. press corps had voted for Al Gore and John Kerry.

The hopelessly lopsided partisan commitments of the journalistic elite — try a show of hands in the WH press corps, who voted Republican? — have always been the secret weapons of the liberal blogosphere.

How many MSM reporters (Associated Press, NY Times, CBS News, etc.) ever read Hot Air or Instapundit? And how many of them sympathize? The typical MSM reporter sympathizes with Media Matters, DKos and Crooks & Liars. The typical MSM reporter watches Olbermann every night. The typical MSM reporter thinks Letterman’s jokes about Palin are ROTFLMAO funny.

Most D.C. reporters, editors and producers hate Republicans, and that hatred matters.

UPDATE II: Speaking of hatred — and via Little Miss AttilaPundette highlights the “two-minute hate” technique of the pro-Obama media machine, which includes institutions as diverse as the New York Times and the Comedy Central network.

It’s the uncanny coordination of the messaging that makes the Obama media such an engine of terror to its enemies. This harkens back to the JournoList revelation. Once you understand that there is an actual network Democratic political operatives, liberal policy advocates, progressive bloggers and major media journalists connected via a single communications link, suddenly the modus operandi is no longer mysterious.

Jon Henke figured this out three years ago, really, and employed a phrase, “the eyes of the influentials” to describe what is at stake. It is not in my interest to explain everything I’ve deduced in the past three years based on Henke’s insight, but let me say this: Offline private communications that the public never sees are as important as the stuff headlined at Drudge.

Think about that. Think about it hard. Because you can’t beat what you don’t understand.

UPDATE III: RNC chief of staff Ken McKay sends a letter to ABC News, gets a lame, snarky response.

A suggestion for Mr. McKay: How about you kick whoever’s ass needs to be kicked in order to get an actual live blog on the RNC Web site? It hasn’t been updated in 32 days.

Personnel is policy, and this business of assigning important communications operations to clueless do-nothing losers has got to stop.

UPDATE IV: Speaking of kicking ass, Jimmie Bise bloggregates the story at

UPDATE V: Welcome (again) Instapundit readers! Maybe he’s trying to make up for the Allah-hate, but if Professor Reynolds keeps this up, Dr. Helen might become suspicious. At any rate, speaking of elites . . .

UPDATE V: Be sure to read down to the comments for good stuff like this from a Methodist pastor:

Is ABC still owned by Disney? Do they still do Fantasy World?

Yes, and soon they’ll be promoting their new ride, “ObamaCare,” which involves a lot of standing in line . . . it’s scary, but not exactly a thrill.