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March 28, 2009

Powerful Professor Goes All the Way With Britney Spears — And You Can, Too!

If you want to be linked in Rule 5 Sunday, the Professor shows you how to do it like it should be done:

  • Create a blog post with a photo, or a link to a photo, of an attractive female;
  • Try to keep it to PG-13, at most; no nudity, please;
  • Additional insightful political news commentary on the same post is suggested, although not strictly necessary;
  • Ladybloggers can be eligible by posting beefcake;
  • Gaybloggers cannot be eligible by posting beefcake, but can qualify by posting Marilyn Monroe or other camp diva photos;
  • Include a link to The Other McCain;
  • Make sure you have Technorati installed on your blog;
  • Publish your post before 9 p.m. Saturday; and
  • E-mail the URL of your post to Smitty.

You’ll be linked in the roundup, which usually goes live before noon Sunday. If you feel your contributions have been neglected, e-mail Smitty again.

Whatever you do, guys, please hit the tip jar. Because I’m a married man and my wife only puts up with this silly blogging nonsense on the condition that it generates revenue. Mrs. Other McCain is a wonderful woman, but she’s got a kitchen drawer full of knives, and I’ve got to sleep sometime.

March 27, 2009

Your ‘right’ to get nude in nightclubs

I’m sure this is what George Mason had in mind:

A popular Colorado Springs nightclub that was punished by the city’s liquor board with a 10-day suspension of its liquor license after several women exposed their breasts during a rowdy “Girls Gone Wild” filming is appealing the decision.
An attorney representing the owners of 13 Pure, 217 E. Pikes Peak Ave., said women flashing their breasts is protected by the First Amendment.
“It’s our position that it’s constitutionally protected conduct,” Denver-based attorney Mike Gross said Thursday.
But prosecuting attorney Scott Patlin said the nightclub violated local and state laws.

See, this is just like “gay rights.” If I happen to be in a nightclub and the girls start taking off their clothes — which is strictly a hypothetical scenario, you understand — I’m not going to file a complaint with the City Liquor Board. On the other hand, don’t tell me it’s your “right.”

This is another one of those phony liberal “rights” you don’t actually have. Liberals peddle phony “rights” because it’s a way of convincing people they’re being victimized and oppressed by The Man. The intended message here is: “Vote Democrat, or else those evil Republicans will force you to keep your clothes on in a nightclub.”

You’re not stupid enough to believe that, are you? Now, you’re probably wondering: What about the “right” to get nekkid as a jaybird to protest taxes? That’s different. Ever hear of “civil disobedience”?

(H/T: Hot Air, the coolest blog evah.)

UPDATE: I’ve got a few minutes here before a blogger conference call, so why don’t I refer you to my story about Judge Roy Moore and Ex Parte HH. People want to imply that, just because you disagree with someone about their “rights,” it means you don’t like them. Can anyone credibly accuse me of hating hotties? Am I “anti-breast”? You people need to wake up and smell the indoctrination. You’ve been brainwashed and haven’t even been through the “rinse” cycle yet. HTTJYUB.

UPDATE II: Hey, how about a teacher’s “right” to have sex with her teenage student?

UPDATE III: Linked by Doug Mataconis, with whom I have a dialogue in the comments.

UPDATE IV: Dave C. e-mails to say the back-and-forth in the comments reminds him of this joke:

Three married men were talking about their sex lives during coffee. The first man — the newlywed of the bunch — said, “It’s been good. No complaints here. My wife and I have sex three to four times a week.”
The second man — at the seven year mark — gloomily mumbled, “Once or twice a month. If I’m lucky.”
The last man — who has been married the longest — was bouncing off his seat when he said, “Once a year!”
The other two men looked at him in astonishment.
“Why are you so excited then?” one of them asked.
“Because tonight’s the night!”

Yeah. But I’ve dug my grave so deep now, I’m going to stop digging before I get to China.

March 22, 2009


By Smitty
Rule 5 Sunday, is all about finding that intersection of erudition and loveliness. MOS V in the title is not “Method Of Service,” you ground pounders. We’ll kick off this week’s festivities (being careful with the “ities,” lest an extra “t” creep in there subliminally) with a lesson from Hot For Words.

Blow up my inbox with “Rule 5” in the title somewhere, for easy management.

March 13, 2009

‘Mamas, Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Be Downloads’

Some very helpful advice for mothers and daughters from John Hawkins, telling the “sad, sad story” of Jesse Logan, who committed suicide at 18, after her high-school (ex-)boyfriend humiliated her by making public the nude photos of herself she had sent him.

Keep in mind that Hawkins is no prude. Every day, his Conservative Grapevine aggregrator features not only a selection of political news and commentary, but also a couple of links to cheesecake photos of lovely starlets in bikinis. This was the subject of a debate among conservative bloggers in which I framed the question, “Is Babe-Blogging a Sin?”

My conclusion was that it is not, and the joys of babe-blogging were enshrined as the popular Rule 5 of “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog.” However, if you disagree, please don’t click over to John’s site. (BTW, John, you’ve got a broken link on the Denise Richards bikini pics at CelebSlam.) Having been an artist since youth, my aesthetic enjoyment of beauty has at times been a snare and a stumbling block to me.

There is a line between flirty and trashy, between alluring and indecent. At times, I’m not very good at figuring out where that line is, but am deeply thankful that digital media didn’t exist in 1978, when I was 18 and — believe it or not — even less responsible than I am now.

(Thanks to Frequent Commenter Smitty, from whom I outrageously stole this one.)

March 8, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

Originally inspired by Pirate’s Cove Patriotic Pinup series, and in accordance with Rule 5 of “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog,” we are proud once again to bring the weekly Sunday sampler of delicious babe-blogging:

Via Convervatives4Palin:

“Too hot for the White House?”

For my own original contribution, here’s a photo from CPAC:

Jimmie Bise of Sundries Shack, Suzanna “Clever S.” Logan and Duane Lester of All-American Blogger.

If your contribution to Rule 5 Sunday has been overlooked, please e-mail me the URL of your babe-blogging, and I’ll try to update to include you.

Also, if anybody wants to get original and creative, try this: Order a T-shirt — either in the Ordinary American design or the Equality Is For Ugly Losers design — and get a hottie to model it for a photo. (If you are yourself a hottie, model it yourself.) Bonus points for such photos in which the hottie is modeling with guns, motorcycles, cool cars, or guitars.

UPDATE: Serr8d unabashedly tries to see how close to NSFW he can get. But if you’re working on Sunday . . .

UPDATE II: Doug Mataconis gives you an eyeful of the sinister neocon cabal’s secret weapon, Bar Rafaeli. And if they ever decide they want a Gentile prime minister . . . remember, that’s only a hypothetical.

BTW, I’ve got to take my three youngest kids on the Bataan Death March a Sunday hike up South Mountain, so if there any late entries for Rule 5 Sunday, e-mail them to Smitty. If I drop dead of a massive coronary halfway up the mountain, just keep hitting the tip jar, people. It’s For The Children!

UPDATE III: Did you know Melissa Rycroft of “The Bachelor” has had breast reduction surgery? And did you know such operations would be outlawed by the first executive decree of the Gentile prime minister?

UPDATE IV: While I was hiking the kids up and down the mountain — all three made it home safely — Bill Dupray at Patriot Room put up some pictures of Brazilian Carnival hotties.

February 24, 2009

New nadir in Rule 5 shamelessness

Giselle Bundchen, borderline NSFW, and unquestionably deserving of the Rule 2 FMJRA.

February 22, 2009

‘My mind immediately focused on Rule 5 . . .’

. . . says Elder of Ziyon, as he brings us Arab babes. So everybody on Rule 5 Sunday must now do a Rule 2 and link him.

Alas, the Elder is insufficiently learned in the sultry ways of the daughters of Ishmael — or, as I call them, “Gee hotties” — for he hath neglected the ultimate in Arabic babehood. Gentlemen, in hope of a lasting agreement, The Other McCain is proud to present: Miss Egypt 2006, Fawzia Mohamed:

It’s part of my Mideast Piece Initiative, and I think that men of goodwill everywhere will agree that this ought to be occupied territory.

February 22, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

In obedience to Rule 5 of “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog,” it’s time to bring the hotness. With a big old hat-tip to Pirate’s Cove Sunday pinup series, here is the infamous inaugural link list of shameless babe bloggers:

Most bizarre contribution to Rule 5 Sunday? Bob Schieffer at

    Via Hot Air, where Allahpundit asks, “How did CBS beat Fox News to the punch on this? Don’t Andy Levy and Steve Doocy read this site?” Hey, Bob’s got an eye for quality.

    Finally, of course, I must make my own contribution to the collection, with this photo of The Hottest Woman I Know:

    Yes, that’s my lovely bride at age 27. She swears she’s still only 29. She’s inarguably still hot, however. And I’m sure I’ve got that 1990 swimsuit photo around here somewhere . . . Maybe next Sunday.

    UPDATE: Dan Collins of Protein Wisdom got the memo late, but he definitely got the memo.

    UPDATE II: The Jawas got the memo, too, but maybe Jawas can’t read so good, so there’s no random hotness there. Yet.

    UPDATE III: “Bring the hotness”: The No. 1 cause of global warming from Conservatives4Palin. Also, Jules Crittenden predicts the Oscars.

    UPDATE IV: And, of course, Pirate’s Cove brings the old-fashioned naughtiness. Think about that. You’re about two Googles away from . . . well, anything. And yet those 1940s pinups are really so much more interesting, aren’t they? Some fundamental principle of human nature must be involved. What is it?

    UPDATE V: Elder of Ziyon brings the Arab hotness, forcing me to retaliate with the ultimate “gee hottie.” This is escalating out of control.

    UPDATE VI: Danica Patrick airbrushed?

    February 20, 2009


    “Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say.”

    Like you needed an expert to tell you that . . . and, I hasten to add, if you think we see them as objects when they’re wearing bikinis, imagine how we view them when they’re totally stark naked.

    UPDATE: Donald Douglas includes a bikini-clad hottie in his analysis of this ground-breaking research (Rule 5). And, rather than merely reacting viscerally to the headline, he actually quotes the article:

    New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.

    OK, resisting the temptation to a homo faber pun, I’ll say this explains why I call my wife “The Hammer.”

    UPDATE II: Jame Joyner gives no linky-love, but still he’s good people anyway.

    UPDATE III: Noted expert Jules Crittenden:

    Well, yeah. It’s a holdover from adolescence, when the sight of a girl in a bikini makes any guy want to handle his tool. Later on, the guy learns how to use dinner, movies, flowers, flattery, alcohol, that kind of stuff . . .

    Jules, you forgot “sense of humor.” Chicks like a sense of humor, especially when it belongs to a millionaire Adonis driving a Porsche. Or a 73-year-old French billionaire. With a billion dollars, chicks will think you’re hilarious.

    February 19, 2009

    Buy Panasonic!

    Via TigerHawk, who has apparently figured out Rule 5, and thus earns today’s FMJRA Award (Rule 2).