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April 10, 2009

Do you remember when…

by Smitty

…dealing with the bank didn’t make your wonder WTF? Case in point:

Our records indicate that you have made zero (0) transfers/withdrawals month-to-date.
Federal Regulations limit transfers from savings accounts, including Money Market Savings Accounts (MMSA), to a total of six per calendar month by means of preauthorized, automatic, telephonic (FAX, Touch-Tone Teller, or oral) or Internet instruction. Please note: From MMSAs only three of the applicable six transfers can be by means of check. Transfers made in person, by mail, or by ATM are exempt from these regulations.

Thanks a lot, government. First you turn travel into a godforsaken nightmare. Now it seems that some beancounter is going to lean on me if, for some unforeseen reason, I need to make a seventh transfer.
Would such a request mark me a terrorist? Do you have rationale for this? For the tax money spent letting you spineless nitwits think up this nonsense, I should at least enjoy a YouTube link to some pencil neck geek explaining to me WTF this means, including:

  • What metrics demonstrate that this inanity adds to national security.
  • How Madoffs and sub-prime mortgage crises will be averted.
  • Where the limit on the prostate exam is to be found–the tonsils?

This is Cthulhu does finance.