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April 25, 2009

Charlie Crist in trouble in Florida?

Months ago, a conservative Florida Republican named Javier Majarres began e-mailing me to complain about his dissatisfaction with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and the state GOP chairman, Jim Greer.

Majarres was a big supporter of Lt. Col. Allen West‘s FL-22 congressional campaign. (I profiled West for The American Spectator and blogged about his campaign through the fall.) Manjarres felt that Crist and Greer didn’t do enough to support West.

Manjarres formed the Conservative Republican Alliance, and blogs at Red County. So today, Kid From Brooklyn has a post at the Hot Air Green Room, linking this Orlando Sentinel story:

Before last fall’s election, Crist took time out of his work schedule to campaign for McCain, appearing at rallies, raising money for him in Texas and California and visiting the GOP candidate at his ranch in Sedona, Ariz.
“He was with him so many times I thought he was an adopted member of the family,” said Mitch Ceasar, Democratic chairman of Broward County.
Back home, Florida’s economic crisis was deepening. But Crist did not step up his workload, according to his schedule.

Florida is one of the states hit hardest by the bursting of the housing bubble. There’s been lots of noise about Crist running for Senate next year, but as it is, he might be lucky to be re-elected as governor. Manjarres writes:

Crist’s indecision is, in all likelihood, delaying the entrance of several candidates into either the Gubernatorial race or Senate race. . . .
In my opinion, I think Governor Crist is very beatable in a primary election. If the right conservative candidate steps up and directly confronts him on both his record and his lack of leadership, he will force Crist to answer to the base of the Republican Party in a primary election. I think he could very well lose because he has disappointed those who elected him, time and time again during his tenure. . . .
Governor Crist is a wounded deer who has fallen completely out of favor with the base of the Republican Party — the political cover he gave President Obama by supporting the reckless “stimulus” plan was the final straw for many. [Emphasis added.]

Majarres notes that Dr. Marion Thorpe has declared as a Republican candidate in the Florida Senate race, and former state House Speaker Marco Rubio might also get in the race. There may be a Tea Party conservative rebellion brewing against “me too” Republicans like Crist.

February 2, 2009

For want of a nail . . .

Nothing so frustrates conservatives as watching how the Republican Party repeatedly throws away opportunities for important victories. Andrew Breitbart talks about one squandered chance:

Back in 2004, a smart, good-looking moderate Republican Hispanic ran for Congress. At the time Victor Elizalde was just under 40 years old and working as an executive at a big-time Hollywood studio. As an ethnic minority, a family man and a rare open conservative in an industry dominated by liberals, Mr. Elizalde represented hope and change for the Republican Party.
Yet because he was running for Henry A. Waxman´s safe seat, Mr. Elizalde got no support from the Republican Party . In fact, no one in the party´s leadership took notice of him. As a result Mr. Waxman trounced Mr. Elizalde with 71 percent of the vote.

Amen, Brother Andrew! I saw them do the same exact thing this past year with Lt. Col. Allen West. His supporters were bitterly disappointed that the NRCC — after trying desperately to recruit any other Republican to run in FL22 – wouldn’t lift a finger or spend a cent to support an Iraq war veteran’s campaign.

The “cretinous b*stards” who run the Republican Party will gladly throw away millions to support useless RINOs like Lincoln Chafee, but let a real conservative fight to win a primary, and watch how those overpaid geniuses at the GOPHQ “cocktail party” treat him like a leper.

If Michael Steele changes nothing else as RNC chairman, he must change this. No more “Mavericks,” no more wasting money on Chafees, and no more running away from a fight leaving conservatives to die on the political battlefield.

August 11, 2008

New book on Allen West

A new book by Richard Berry, A Missing Link in Leadership: The Trial of LTC Allen West, examines the experience of Lt. Col. West in Iraq — when he was charged with assault for the gunpoint interrogation of a terrorism suspect — in the context of leadership theory.

CQ rates West’s campaign for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District as a long shot, because of first-term Democratic Rep. Ron Klein’s huge financial advantage. However, West’s campaign is now attracting national attention — including recent coverage from Human Events, the New York Daily News and the New York Sun — which should help generate fundraising for a candidate who’s everything conservative Republicans say they want in Congress. As his campaign manager told me last week, their only concern is that the support might come too late to help.

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July 29, 2008

Congratulations, Allen West!

A friend e-mailed to tell me that Iraq war veteran Allen West, Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District, has been named “Worst Person in the World” by Keith Olbermann. Congratulations to all those who’ve worked so hard to help Colonel West win this prestigious honor.

July 26, 2008

Cheap smear on Allen West

Last month, I interviewed retired Lt. Col. West, the Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District. Today, one of Col. West’s supporters e-mailed me a New Republic article about the candidate that is truly a disgrace to that magazine’s reputation.

However, the article is not all bad. For instance, I didn’t realize that Col. West reads Bastiat in his spare time. Excellent! And there is one passage in the article that I found particularly informative:

[T]he national party showed little interest in rallying behind someone so controversial. Looking at the giant ziggurats of cash the Democrats were building to protect their newly won seats, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) frantically searched for candidates who were safe and, most crucially, had access to a lot of money. In the 22nd — a district the Democrats took in 2006 but which still boasts more registered Republicans than Democrats — a scion of a famous Florida political family, a well-connected state representative, and the popular mayor of cash-soaked Boca Raton were all begged to run. All declined.

Now, wait a doggone minute. If Col. West is “controversial,” isn’t it because it was his job to actually fight the war that the national party supported? To hell with “safe” candidates and famous “scions.” Here the GOP has the flesh-and-blood refutation of all those “chickenhawk” slurs, a heroic character straight out of a Tom Clancy novel whose candidacy instantly makes FL-22 a contest worthy of national interest, and yet the NRCC “frantically searched” for somebody else — anyone else — to run for this seat? Outrageous!

That is the perfect capsule summary of what’s wrong with the GOP HQ people in Washington. Every conservative who’s tired of the politically tone-deaf idiots who are running the Republican Party into the ground ought to go make a contribution to Col. West’s campaign today.

UPDATE: Now that I think about it, has anybody told the NBRA about this? Does Angela McGlowan know about it? After all the work they’ve done to recruit black Republicans, to see the NRCC actually working against a black Republican is insane. Somebody needs to be raising holy unshirted hell with the national party about this situation.