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August 8, 2009

Lieberman, Collins, Grassley express ‘serious concern’ about ITC’s IG

Scored a minor scoop today from Capitol Hill:

Three senators, including Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, have sent a letter to Shara L. Aranoff, chairwoman of the International Trade Commission, expressing “serious concerns” about the contractual terms under which the ITC’s inspector general is hired.
The letter, signed by Lieberman, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine — the committee’s ranking Republican — and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), complained of the ITC’s unusual practice of hiring the agency’s IG under a six-month contract, which the senators suggest may undermine the watchdog’s independence.

Read the whole thing. What is significant is that this is the first evidence that Lieberman’s committee is willing to cooperate with Grassley, who has been bulldogging IG-Gate for nearly two months.

July 24, 2009

Dan, come back! We love you, man!

A universally acknowledged genius of the blogosphere, Dan Collins of POWIP seems to be having an existential crisis of some sort.

Trust me, Dan, we’ve all been through this. We’re here to help.

As the founder of Chopped Liver Anonymous — the mutual support group for bloggers who didn’t get invited to speak at next month’s RightOnline conference in Pittsburgh — I can assure you, healing begins once we admit the truth: Our blogging sucks.

How bad does it suck? Like Andrew Sullivan at the annual Provincetown BearFest.

Just try to stay strong, Dan. Just because the clueless greedheads who fund the Republican Party are throwing bushels of cash at Tucker Carlson, just because Erik Telford is jealous of your righteous blog-fu, doesn’t mean you are a total waste of pixels like Freddie de Boer.

Why, look at me: Even though I got viciously dissed by Erik Telford, they love me in Virginia, and I’ll be speaking Saturday at the Liberty 101 conference in Richmond.

So there is hope, you see, once you confront and confess your utter blog suckage.

June 21, 2009

Dan Collins is a genius

“He’s just the latest in a raft of wannabe spokespeople for a new, anodyne conservatism, containing a small quantity of witch-hazel as a largely inactive active ingredient meant to soothe the hemorrhoids of the left.”

Damn, that’s good. Told you: The man is a genius.

June 18, 2009

He’s no Tucker Carlson, but . . .

. . . Dan Collins has managed to figure out Blogspot sufficiently well to create Piece of Work in Progress, his own independent blog, where he can link us as often as he wants (which had better be every freaking day).

Was Dan’s parting with Protein Wisdom amicable? Or was it one of those some-bastard’s-gonna-get-his-car-keyed situations that make sensible men think twice before dating any woman who lives in a trailer park? Down home, we never heard of a “friendly divorce.” No divorce in Georgia is final until somebody’s in the emergency room or under a restraining order.

Inquiring minds don’t want to know. Why not? Because Jeff Goldstein might lay some mind-blowing intentionality on you, and that could take years of therapy to overcome, like when you were nine years old and walked in on Aunt Nelda and Uncle Bert in flagrante delicto. So we’ll just let bygones be bygones and tiptoe around like Senator Ensign’s press secretary . . .

WTF? Where did that bizarre gonzo tangent come from? Never mind. The point is, Dan’s blogging at POWIP now, which means I’m going to have to update that eternally out-of-date blogroll again. Thanks a lot, Dan. Maybe by Tuesday . . .

Rave reviews from Jules Crittenden, and we endorse homeboy Kim Crawford’s excellent suggestion:

I strongly urge you to go leave an inappropriate comment. Something David Brooks or Andrew Sullivan would say. Or, alternatively, I feel the use of the word “cooter” in polite discourse is becoming a lost art.

The word “poontang” has also sadly fallen into disuse, although who knows what tomorrow may bring?

March 12, 2009


A brilliant point, expressed concisely:

[C]onsider the Bristol Palin story, that she and Levi whatsisface have called off their engagement. That breaks on the same day that it’s reported that John Edwards has reared his silky little head to lecture the nation on poverty at Brown University. One of these babies has a father and was born to a teen out of wedlock. The other one doesn’t, and was born to a crazy lady hired to film the candidate (rather than boink him) as he jetted from campaign event to campaign event while his wife’s cancer was in remission. I don’t want to belabor the point, but one of these pairs of biological parents screwed the pooch more bigtime than the other.

Dan is an educator, and when he aims to teach a lesson, he whomps the mule in the head. I unjustly trashed Bristol Palin yesterday, and heard many arguments to the contrary, but Brother Dan knows how to whomp a mule in a loving, Christian manner.

Therefore I acknowledge my injustice to Bristol, and hope only good things for her henceforth, that she may walk in the ways of righteousness in the blessings of the Lord. And to the brilliant Dan Collins, a tip of the hat for his educational excellence. One a mule gets smart, he only needs to see the stick.

UPDATE: Conservatives4Palin:

His writing is so good that I would probably still read and link him even if I loathed him.

Yeah, my sister-in-law Ericka says the same thing. After 23 years in the news business, and 20 years of marriage to Ericka’s much-sexier older sister, there are two things I’m very good at. One of them is saying, “Yes, dear.” Because there’s a drawer full of knives in the kitchen, and I’ve got to sleep sometime.

Fellows, if you want to succeed in life, the trick is to marry a mean sexy woman.

UPDATE II: Speaking of my sexy wife, here’s a photo of her when she was 27, and already a mom:

If you’ll click that picture, you’ll see a picture of Mrs. Other McCain when she was a smokin’-hot 25, in the hot lingerie I bought her for Christmas.
As a home-schooling dad, I’m an educator, too. For the benefit of you newbies, that’s a variation of blogospheric method called a “Rick Roll.” Pay attention, this will be on the final.