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October 31, 2008

VIDEO DEBATE: Funny vs. Funny

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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning Final Cut Pro video editing software, and that is some fine editing.

October 16, 2008

Senator Government

A flub by Maverick is the tagline of the night, according to Michelle Malkin, who is surprisingly pleased with Juan McAmnesty. Considering her profound contempt for the man — oh, yes, she really does hate him — this is a rave review from her.

October 16, 2008

The final debate

10:30 p.m. — John McCain was much, much better tonight. He stayed on the attack, and Obama spent a lot of time on the defensive. I don’t think this debate was the cliched “game changer,” but it’s certainly a vast improvement for McCain over his previous performances.

10:22 p.m. — Obama just said you have to be specific about how federal programs are going to be paid for. DAAYYUMMM.

10:21 p.m. — Obama just advocated higher teacher pay. BTW, did you know that public-school teachers make more than journalists? And teachers don’t have to blog boring debates.

10:18 p.m. — McCain’s talking choice and competition in education.

10:17 p.m. — Obama wants to “recruit … an army of new teachers.” Why? I don’t get why this line is considered a winner. Is he just pandering to teachers unions?

10:14 p.m. — Obama is still talking abortion. Let him have all the time he wants. Now he’s talking about “appropriate [sex] education.” How about, “Keep your britches on, kids”?

10:10 p.m. — Obama: “The court has to stand up when no one else will.” In other words, a 5-man majority of appointed-for-life justices is more important than every elected official in the country.

10:08 p.m. — They’ve got Obama talking abortion. “I think the Constitution has a right to privacy in it that shouldn’t be subject to a state referendum.” Where is that right, Senator? And why didn’t anyone notice it before 1973?

10:04 p.m. — Did McCain just say, “Senator McGovern”?

10:03 p.m. — Linked by Pam at Right Voices. Thanks.

10 p.m. — Who are these large businesses who don’t provide health care that Obama is talking about? McDonald’s? Wal-Mart?

9:58 p.m. — McCain’s down in the tall grass talking about health care and poverty, then suddenly — Joe the Plumber to the rescue! Joe the Plumber for President!

9:55 p.m. — McCain hits Obama on Hugo Chavez. ¡La educación es revolución!

9:53 p.m. — Obama: “Highly fuel-efficient car of the future.” Meet George Jetson …

9:52 p.m. — McCain: “Senator Obama, who has never traveled south of our border . . .” And? What’s the point?

9:49 p.m. — Obama: “We should look at off-shore drilling.” Look at it. Not do anything about it, but just look at it.

9:46 p.m. — Give us a number. Any number will do.

9:45 p.m. — 850 ZILLION DOLLARS!

9:41 p.m. — Obama speaks of government spending as “investing in the American people.” I always hated that “investment” rhetoric when Clinton used it — Clinton invented it, as far as I know — and I don’t like it any better now.

9:40 p.m. — Biden vs. Palin. Schieffer pitches one into Obama’s wheelhouse.

9:38 p.m. — Obama just spent 2 minutes talking about Bill Ayers and ACORN, which is 2 minutes more than he’s talked about them in any previous debate.

9:34 p.m. — McCain strongly defends his audiences. Very feisty. Where was this candidate during the first two debates?

9:32 p.m. — Obama is on defense tonight.

9:30 p.m. — McCain, who had interrupted to say “that’s not true” on Obama’s Big Lie, forgets to come back and bust him on it it when his turn comes.

9:27 p.m. — Again, Obama the excellent liar accuses McCain of running 100% negative ads. And outright lie, and he says it with utter confidence that nobody in the media will call him on it.

9:23 p.m. — McCain’s talking “climate change.” Ick.

9:22 p.m. — Obama voted for tort reform?

9:21 p.m. — If McCain had been this sharp in the first two debates . . .

9:18 p.m. — Obama wants to “focus on the programs that work.” Ick.

9:15 p.m. — Obama is an excellent liar. He lies confidently, boldly, and in such a way that, unless you actually know the facts, you’d never guess he was lying.

9:12 p.m. — Dang, Maverick’s feisty tonight.

Sorry to be joining it a little late tonight. Liveblogging at Ace of Spades, Hot Air and Michelle Malkin.

October 9, 2008

Gallup: Obama still +11

Latest tracking poll: Obama 52%, McCain 41%. Tsunami warning remains in effect. And it gets worse with every debate:

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama convinced many more viewers to think more favorably of him during Tuesday night’s presidential debate than did his Republican opponent, John McCain, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll signals.
While 53% of the 735 people surveyed said their opinions of Obama had not changed, 34% said they thought more favorably of him and 12% viewed him less favorably. . . .
The reactions to McCain were almost mirror opposites: 54% said their opinions about him had not changed, 33% felt less favorable and 12% felt more favorable.

Hmmm. Maybe trying to cancel the first debate wasn’t such a bad idea, after all.

UPDATE: Dan Balz interviews Team Maverick honchos Mark Salter and Mike DuHaime, who are in charge of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. And I’m thinking back to Feb. 7 at CPAC. Mitt quit that morning, and Romney supporters were shocked and angry:

The announcement stunned many of Romney’s supporters, especially hundreds of college-age supporters who had been handing out Romney lapel stickers in the hotel lobby just minutes earliers.
“I am incredibly shocked . . . profoundly saddened,” said Ruth Malhotra, an activist with Evangelicals for Mitt. “I can’t support John McCain. He is not a conservative. . . . He’s stabbed his party in the back and he’s betrayed the conservative movement.”
Her sentiments were echoed by Orit Sklar of Jews for Mitt. “There’s no way I’m voting for John McCain,” she said.

The McCain campaign squad arrived triumphantly that afternoon in the lobby of the Omni Shoreham. McCain hadn’t even attended CPAC the previous year, and had somehow won the GOP nomination by running against the conservative movement.

Now that he’s clearly on his way to an embarrassing defeat Nov. 4, many of those same conservatives are subjecting themselves to emotional trauma by heeding Karl Rove’s cynical talk of a miraculous comeback. Ah, what short memories they have!

October 8, 2008

The Great GOP Freakout of ’08

For some Republicans, last night was the shocking revelation that it’s over. But some are still in denial, as Andy McCarthy accuses his NRO colleagues:

With due respect, I think tonight was a disaster for our side. I’m dumbfounded that no one else seems to think so. Obama did everything he needed to do, McCain did nothing he needed to do. What am I missing

This morning at the Corner, Ed Whelan writes: “McCain’s performance was a dismal failure.”

I could, and perhaps should, write an entire blog post on the fundamental folly of John McCain’s proposal to buy up bad mortgages. (If you leveraged your home equity in 2005, why is that my fault in 2008?) Instead, I’ll just collect a few reactions from a couple of other conservatives. Here’s Dr. Melissa Clouthier’s liveblogging reaction:

McCain says that Americans are angry, upset and a little frightened. McCain has the answers. Energy independence and home values — buy up bad home loans in America. Isn’t that socialism? SHIZEN! The problem in America today is that “we don’t have trust in our institutions”. Ugh: First impression — McCain is sounding like a bumbling Senator. Why didn’t he go over the regulation deal that Obama said? Does he want to lose?

And at the end, Dr. Melissa adds:

My feeling is that Obama will pull away after this, but time will tell. If I had to say, though, I say Obama wins.

Michelle Malkin is furious:

I can’t underscore enough what a rotten idea John McCain’s ACORN-like government mortgage buy-up is. . . .
This was his supposed “game-changer.” This was the very first thing out of his mouth during the debate tonight — his big pitch right off the bat.
If Obama had proposed this, the Right would be screaming bloody murder about this socialist grab to have the Treasury Department renegotiate individual home loans and become chief principal write-down agents for the nation.

Tough to resist the urge to go on a full-blown rant about why Maverick’s idea is so lousy, but let me give you the short version:

You bought a $100,000 house in 1990. By 2005, homes in your neighborhood were selling for $250,000 and up. So you got an appraisal and took out a home equity loan, spruced the place up a bit for resale — and also paid off your kid’s college tuition, took a vacation to Key West, got your teeth capped and a few other little things.
But you didn’t get any good offers on your house — you rejected a guy’s low-ball bid of $215,000 in 2006 — then six months later, the housing market cratered and you couldn’t even get $175,000, which is what you now owe.

This is not my fault. It’s not the fault of U.S. taxpayers. And since you’re the one with capped teeth and souvenirs from Key West, you’re the one who ought to deal with the consequences. What part of caveat emptor don’t you understand?

October 8, 2008

Debate night live!

UPDATE 10:45 p.m. — I don’t think there’s anybody out there who saw this as such a hands-down win for Maverick as to put Obama on the defensive. The MSM are putting their final touches on the “triumph of Hope” ledes they’ve been working on since February. The features department at the Washington Post probably just green-lighted the special 16-page “Obama’s journey” section they’ll publish Nov. 5. For the first time in eight years, Democrats won’t be biting their nails and sweating exit-poll results on Election Day.

UPDATE 10:33 p.m. — Maverick’s wrapping it up. “I’ve spent my whole life serving this country.” Trying to win on biography.

UPDATE 10:31 p.m. — “The last 8 years,” again!

UPDATE 10:23 p.m. — Obama again references “the last 8 years.” Cheers!

UPDATE 10:22 p.m. — Russia. Zzzzz.

UPDATE 10:20 p.m. — My American Spectator colleagues are live blogging and not impressed with Maverick’s performance. John Tabin: “Obama gives the wrong answer to the question, McCain gives an answer to the wrong question. We are so screwed.”

UPDATE 10:16 p.m. — Maverick: “I’ll get bin Ladin. I know how to get him.” Hey, John, how about you go ahead and share that with the Pentagon now?

UPDATE 10:14 p.m. — Obama’s making a big thing of saying, “Pockystahn” instead of Pakistan.

UPDATE 10:04 p.m. — Obama has avoided saying “Senator McCain is right” over and over, as he did in the first debate.

UPDATE 9:59 p.m. — Obama really has that Clintonian touch. He lies boldly, confidently, emphatically. He promises you the sun, the moon and the stars, and then insinuates that Republicans, in proposing to trim out a constellation or two, are cheating you out of what is rightly yours, and will leave you destitute and helpless.

UPDATE 9:54 p.m. — Maverick’s in the tall grass again. Details, details, details. Damn it, just call Obama a Marxist and be done with it!

UPDATE 9:51 p.m. — Question from an “undecided” voter for socialized medicine. Plant! Plant!

UPDATE 9:46 p.m.: Maverick’s going for the Al Gore global-warming vote. Jules Crittenden is liveblogging without apparent aid of alcohol. Obama’s making ample use of the patented Clinton “investment” as a euphemism for “spend taxpayer money.”

UPDATE 9:38 p.m.: In responding to Brokaw’s “America got drunk” question, Obama wants to go into a class-warfare spiel, talking about tax cuts for Fortune 500 CEOs, but has to choose his words very carefully

UPDATE: Obama says deregulation caused the crisis. Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post says:

The claim that the financial crisis reflects Bush-McCain deregulation is not only nonsense. It is the sort of nonsense that could matter.

But John McCain’s idea that the federal government’s going to buy up all the bad mortgages in America is a non-starter. Better idea: Buy up all the good mortgages. (A better idea, but still a very bad idea.)

PREVIOUSLY: Even though I’ve already called the election, tonight John McCain and Barack Obama have a chance to make a liar out of me. The town-hall debate at Belmont University in Nashville affords Obama a chance to blunder away a sure thing. Maybe Maverick will actually be awake for the start of this debate, as opposed to Sept. 26, where he sleep-walked through the first 45 minutes, then woke up all grumpy.

Jimmie at Sundries Shack will liveblog it, as will Ace, Michelle Malkin and the Hot Air gang. (Michelle predicts lots of insipid questions. Ace expects liberal house plants.) Cassy Fiano also has a liveblog.

Of course, VodkaPundit has already knocked down three martinis as a warm-up for drunkblogging the debate. Having watched Stephen Green during the drunkblogging experience for the Democratic convention, I can testify that he’s not exaggerating about his martini intake. He handles his liquor very well. Constant practice is the secret, he says.

I’ll be back with periodic updates.

October 3, 2008

Obligatory VP debate thread

UPDATED & BUMPED: After that debate, I think there can be no doubt which candidate America most wants to see in a bikini.

Yeah, you’re darn right I changed the subject! Because America needs some straight talk from a maverick blogger about who’s the sexiest candidate for vice president.

Gettin’ things done! Main Street! Wasilla! Bikini pictures!

SERIOUS ANALYSIS: Joe Biden did not lose the election tonight. That’s the most important thing. He might have lied through his teeth, but he’s got very nice teeth, doesn’t he?

Sarah Palin did better in her debate than John McCain did in his. She obviously dodged some questions, talking taxes when Biden raised the issue of regulation, and talking energy policy — darn right! — whenever she felt like it.

Biden was very sharp and very confident, and very repetitive. If you wanted to hear class-warfare talk about how the middle class is getting screwed over by the super-wealthy, tonight must have been heaven for you, since Palin also jumped onto the let’s-bash-greedy-corrupt-Big-Business bandwagon.

Palin would be a much better candidate, I think, if she wasn’t chained to Maverick. It was in defending McCain, and repeating the slogans and soundbites McCain’s advisors had fed her, that she was least convincing.

Palin’s best line was, “How long have I been at this? Like, five weeks?” That was good. I don’t know if that was spontaneous, or something she’d practiced, but it was very good.

Biden’s worst line was when he talked about a plan to “adjust the principle you owe” on your mortgage. Holy freaking crap! Good-bye, rule of law! Adjusting the principle? You paid $300,000 for a house in 2005, took out a loan for $270,000 and now, because it’s not worth what you paid for it, the government is going to force the lender to mark down the principle to $200,000? That’s not reform, that’s larceny.

Jimmie at Sundries Shack links with a debate roundup — thanks. In comments, Smitty just said he thought Gwen Ifill did an excellent job as moderator and I agree. Before the debate, there were accusations of bias, since Ifill’s written (or is writing) a supposedly pro-Obama book. But in terms of her performance as moderator, Ifill seemed to me to be quite fair.

UPDATE: Team Maverick claims victory. Well, not “victory,” perhaps, but she’s “ready to lead,” blahblahblah. I’m telling you, they’re just going through the motions over at Maverick HQ these days. Working on their resumes and updating their LinkedIn pages, trying to look busy while watching the clock (is it lunch yet?) and thinking about playing golf Sunday.

UPDATE II: Michelle Malkin is ecstatic:

Sarah Palin is the real deal. Five weeks on the campaign trail, thrust onto the national stage, she rocked tonight’s debate.
She was warm, fresh, funny, confident, energetic, personable, relentless, and on message. . . .
McCain has not done many things right. But Sarah Palin proved tonight that the VP risk he took was worth it. . . .
She matched — and trumped several times — a man who has spent his entire adult life on the political stage, run for president twice, and as he mentioned several times, chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And a man who, in fact, is the next vice president, since Maverick’s poll numbers are heading south faster than that midnight train to Georgia. (Cue the Pips!) I think Michelle’s enthusiastic response to tonight’s debate isn’t about Nov. 4, it’s about . . .

PALIN 2012!

PREVIOUSLY: Not that it matters anymore, but tonight Sarah Palin squares off against Joe Biden and I just watched Karl Rove trying to spin the possibility that this might somehow avert the now-inevitable Obama administration.

While I henceforth refuse to believe that Maverick can win on Nov. 4, if Biden blurts out a confession to computer porn addiction tonight, it might prevent a 47-state sweep for the Democrats, so I’m obligated to pretend I care.

Hot Air has a live debate chat thread. Allah has a separate comment thread. Or you may want to play Biden Bingo.

UPDATE: Ace tries to put the jinx on, suggests that a Biden blurt might yet doom the Democrats, and will have an open debate thread where you can say the f-word as often as you’d like.

September 29, 2008

Libertarian populism

I attended Friday’s event at Reason magazine’s DC office where Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr “debated” John McCain and Barack Obama. Barr viciously mocked the proposed bailout as a boondoggle: “The bailout plan, anyway you slice it, is a bad idea for America.” In doing so, Barr aligned himself with the firestorm of grassroots opposition to the bill — congressional staffers report that their phones are ringing off the hook and practically all the calls are from bailout opponents.

FreedomWorks — the free-market think tank led by Barr’s former GOP House colleague Dick Armey — has a list of “Ten Reasons to Oppose the Wall Street Bailout.” With Big Government coming to the rescue of Big Business, the bailout presents one of those rare occasions when libertarians find themselves handed an issue with widespread populist appeal.

Here’s video of Friday post-debate Q&A with Reason editor Matt Welch, in which Barr addresses foreign policy, the bailout and Ron Paul’s recent endorsement of Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin:

(Cross-posted at AmSpecBlog.)

September 29, 2008

Is Maverick too patriotic?

Jimmie Bise at Sundries Shack:

I think . . . it’s worth considering that the real reason we haven’t seen the pugnacious John McCain this weekend is because he’s decided, at the risk of his campaign, to be the adult here. This bailout deal is important to him, more important than a few points in the polls and more important than taking the opportunity to savage his opponent.

Jimmie points out that Maverick had plenty of ammunition to hit Obama and the Democrats on the financial crisis, and didn’t use it.

That’s one possible explanation. The other explanation — and far more likely, in my mind — is that John McCain has never been good at partisan politics.
He’s always happiest when denouncing fellow Republicans, especially on domestic policy. He’s never been good at the culture-warrior stuff and he himself admits he doesn’t understand economics. He is not a limited-government conservative.

Thus, for Crazy Cousin John to lay into Obama and the Democrats for their abuses of the Community Reinvestment Act and their contributions from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac would be completely out of character for him. He is clearly a man who believes all that civics-textbook crap about “bipartisanship” and this belief makes him a very bad candidate in the kind of trench-warfare politics that the Democrats specialize in.
September 27, 2008

Sully’s ‘hubby’ says . . .

OK, so last night Obama accused McCain of saying that he would not meet with the president of Spain and McCain was heard to mutter what sounded like, “Of course not.” (Allah has video.) But Andrew Sullivan thought he heard “horses***” and then had to issue this hilarious correction:

I’ve removed the original post of a little time ago because after listening to the clip about two dozen times, what sounded like McCain saying “horse***” actually comes through as having a hard “c” at the front of it. My husband insists that McCain said “Course not.” I think now my hubby’s right, although it’s very muffled.(Emphasis added)

His use of “hubby” just struck me hilarious.