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May 9, 2009

Tax the Poor!

One of the things that originally made Rush Limbaugh notorious back in the day was his proposal to tax the poor. The idea being that if you want to discourage something, like cigarette smoking, you tax it. Well, why not a poverty tax?

The Swiftian satire wasn’t appreciated when Rush did it, but now look what New York City is doing:

The Bloomberg administration has quietly begun charging rent to homeless families who live in publicly run shelters but have income from jobs.
The new policy is based on a 1997 state law that was not enforced until last week, when shelter operators across the city began requiring residents to pay a certain portion of their income. The amount varies based on factors that include family size and what shelter is being used, but should not exceed 50 percent of a family’s income, a state official said.
Vanessa Dacosta, who earns $8.40 an hour as a cashier at Sbarro, received a notice under her door several weeks ago informing her that she had to give $336 of her approximately $800 per month in wages to the Clinton Family Inn, a shelter in Hell’s Kitchen where she has lived since March.
“It’s not right,” said Ms. Dacosta, a single mother of a 2-year-old who said she spends nearly $100 a week on child care. “I pay my baby sitter, I buy diapers, and I’m trying to save money so I can get out of here. I don’t want to be in the shelter forever.”

(Via Memeorandum.) Hey, Vanessa, why don’t you explain this problem to the father of your child? It’s like Ann Coulter says in Guilty: Nobody is allowed to criticize single mothers. Single mothers have a right to screw around, have babies out of wedlock and stick taxpayers with the bill.

Say this for the gays, at least they’re not trying to bill me for their lifestyle. Beware the hobo menace!

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! It’s Mother’s Day and Rule 5 Sunday, plus we’re also trying to learn the lessons of Dijon Gate and commemorating the fifth anniversary of same-sex Harvard marriage, so please have a look around. And if you feel the overwhelming urge to hit the tip jar, don’t fight the feeling!

UPDATE II: The Rhetorican:

You know an economic system whose central conceit is to promote equality by transferring wealth from the have-more’s to the have-not’s has failed when it seeks to transfer wealth from the poor to government.

Ditto! BTW, just in case Rush Limbaugh should happen to read this: I am The Other McCain for a reason, so please don’t hate me because of Crazy Cousin John. Or, as I sometimes feel obliged to point out: Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Bob Barr!

Just to clarify this distinction, check out these articles I wrote for The American Spectator:

So please don’t confuse me with my distant kinsman, Rush. I’m a lot more like that Dittohead taxi driver Wally Onakoya. I’m a bona fide right-wing extremist. (And if you need an extra hand editing your monthly newsletter, I can provide excellent references. Get in touch. They tell me Palm Beach is lovely this time of year.)

April 11, 2009

Helpless against the hobo menace!

When Dan Riehl first told me about this, I couldn’t believe it:

Many more Marylanders would be eligible for hate crime protections under a bill gaining speed in the General Assembly.
The House of Delegates approved adding extra penalties Friday night for violent crimes against victims singled out because of age, gender, disability or because the person is homeless.
The statute already covers victims attacked because of race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. (Emphasis added.)

Unilateral disarmament against vicious criminal hobos? Madness! Only one man can save us . . .


February 25, 2009

Hobo crime menace news update

Another homeless man, another dead victim:

VANCOUVER — The Clark County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man Monday evening in connection with the stabbing death of a teenage girl.
Detectives arrested Darrin Eugene Sanford, 30, about 6:30 p.m. on suspicion he killed Alycia Nipp, 13, on her way home from Wal-Mart, said Sgt. Scott Schanaker, a Clark County sheriff’s spokesman.
Sanford is a registered sex offender convicted of approaching children in 1997 between the ages of 8 and 11 outside Harney Elementary in Vancouver and offering them money to come to his house for sex, according to public records. Sheriff’s deputies said he is a transient and has been seen at an abandoned house near where Nipp was slain. (Emphasis added.)

More from KOMO-TV:

A transient sex offender accused of stabbing a 13-year-old girl to death told detectives he killed the teen after trying to sexually assault her, according to court documents released Tuesday.
Darrin Eugene Sanford, 30, faces an aggravated murder charge in the death of 13-year-old Alycia D. Nipp, a Thomas Jefferson Middle School student.
The girl was walking home with a friend Saturday when she decided to take a shortcut through an overgrown field alone and disappeared.
Her mother called 911 late that night, and her stepfather found her body in a wooded area of the field soon after.
Nipp had been stabbed multiple times and police believe her body was dragged to a wooded area and left there.

It’s more common than you think. As I exclusively reported in 2003, the homeless population — celebrated as “victims” by liberals — contains a disproportionate number of drug addicts, alcoholics, dangerous psychotics and violent criminals. What happened to Alycia Nipp has happened to many others. It’s time we wake up to who the real victims are.

UPDATE: Alycia’s school sent home a letter saying they were bringing in grief counselors. Hey, while you’re at it, how about teaching kids that the “homeless” aren’t harmless old rummies like the lovable vagabonds they see on TV, but are actually in many cases antisocial menaces? And how about some parents in Vancouver march on city hall to demand that police stop letting these dangerous criminals roam the streets at will?


February 20, 2009

Hobo crime menace continues

Murderer, sexual predator, “victim of society”?

By age 15, he was living on his own. He began drinking. He dropped out of high school.
His early adulthood was characterized by a “sporadic employment history, transient lifestyle and accommodation patterns, substance abuse issues and failed short-term intimate relationships,” state the documents.
His first conviction resulted from a 1982 Edmonton break-in. During the next 16 years, he amassed more than two dozen other convictions across Canada . . .

And that was before the indecent exposure charge involving a nun . . . and it gets worse. Via notorious hobophobe, Kathy Shaidle.

February 19, 2009

Civility: ‘You pampered little b*tch!’

The voices of tolerance and enlightenment — to paraphrase Janeane Garofalo — offer words of encouragement to a “woman of color”:

Your bigoted comments make me wish that your jaw gets f*cked up more than your hero Ann Coulter’s did. . . . I’d like to see you walk a week in her shoes as a homeless person. You wouldn’t survive. You pampered little b*tch.

Of course, the “woman of color” toward whom this “open-minded, pluralistic” discourse was offered is Michelle Malkin. The assertion that Malkin’s “hero” is Ann Coulter would, I imagine, be equally surprising to both Malkin and Coulter. They are very different writers and very different personalities, and all they really have in common are (a) they’re women, (b) they’re conservative, and (c) they appear frequently on Fox News. 

However, this is not the place to do a compare-and-contrast. I merely point out how Malkin’s “well adjusted, open-minded, pluralistic, enlightened” correspondent lumps her in with Coulter as an object of rage. (Pundette Derangement Syndrome?)
What is truly interesting is the correspondent’s assertion that homeless people are, by the mere fact of their homelessness, somehow more resourceful and adaptive than the non-homeless. Yesterday, I discussed this naive veneration of the homeless in terms of Thomas Sowell’s The Vision of the Anointed — a book everyone absolutely must read — and also Adam Shephard’s eye-opening new book, Scratch Beginnings.
The notion that the homeless are possessed of some special virtue is a modernistic liberal perversion of Judeo-Christian teaching about the poor. “Rich” and “poor” are relative terms. If you want to see true poverty, go to Uganda. There are hard-working honest people in Kampala who don’t dare dream of the luxuries enjoyed and opportunities ignored by the “poor” in America. You let some Ugandan find his way to America — save up enough money, jump through all the hoops of legal immigration — and I guarantee you that man will not end up homeless.
In Washington, DC, the cabs are mostly driven by Third World immigrants — Somali, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and so forth. Talk to one of those cabbies and you’ll discover that his children are going to college to study business, engineering, medicine and law.
Think about Michelle Malkin’s immigrant parents. Think about the values they instilled in her. Do you suppose that, having been blessed to come to the greatest nation in the history of mankind, they would have failed to do all in their power to be sure that their daughter understood the value of these advantages?
“Pampered” — bah! People who see Michelle Malkin on TV and think she’s “pampered” have no idea at all of her hard work, her diligence, her perseverance, her focus. Have you seen her work? When we were in Denver for the Democratic convention, I watched her at work. I filed five stories from Denver and blogged a ton, but that was just goofing off compared to what Malkin did. If you could see her at work — the intensity of her focus — you would not for a minute think of her as “pampered.” What she’s got, she earned.

And to “funnyalex04,” let me tell you this: If somehow it all fell apart tomorrow, and Michelle Malkin did find herself homeless, she’d survive a helluva lot better than you would, you pathetic worm.

February 18, 2009

Hobo teen rape menace

No one is safe from the “homeless” criminals:

Indianapolis – Police arrested a man wanted in connection with a robbery and attempted rape of a 17-year-old on January 4th. . . .
Police got a break when officers arrested [41-year-old hobo Louis] McCoin on a shoplifting charge. At that point they realized McCoin was wanted on the other charges.
McCoin faces charges of Criminal Deviate Conduct, A Felony, and Criminal Confinement, B Felony with a $100,000 bond. He was arrested on those charges and transported to the Arrestee Processing Center.

It’s more common than you think.

UPDATE: What did I tell you?

BERKELEY, CA — A homeless man who recently was released from state prison has been arrested on suspicion of peeping, prowling, burglary, sexual battery and a parole violation in connection with a prowling incident in Berkeley last Thursday night, police spokesman Andrew Frankel said today.
Frankel said 46-year-old James Beldin, who was released from state prison early this month, allegedly peered into a residence in the 2000 block of Parker Street on Thursday night.
Frankel said one of the alleged victims discovered a prowler who was using a ladder to peep into his girlfriend’s second floor apartment window.

Ever since the 1980s, when liberals seized on “homelessness” as a tactic to portray the Reagan administration as the second coming of Herbert Hoover, the media have been trying to brainwash Americans to believe that every bum and wino is an innocent victim of circumstance. It’s not true.

Many of those we call “homeless” are psychotics who have been set loose on the streets by the Carter-era policy of “deinstitutionalizing” the mentally ill. Others are recently-paroled criminals who are so anti-social — drug-addicted, violent or just plain obnoxious — that their own families won’t have anything to do with them.

Liberals who yammer on about the “root causes” of the problem completely miss the point that, whatever the cause of the problem in the past tense, the present-tense reality is that you’ve got crazies, dopeheads and felons wandering the streets, protected by the cloak of victimhood that liberals have draped around them. And when you call to their attention this reality — hobo sex offenders who threaten the safety of innocent citizens — you’re accused of “blaming the victim,” as if the dopehead criminal bum were more of a victim than his actual victims.

Homelessness is not a “poverty” problem. Poverty alone does not cause homelessness. If you want to understand why this is so, you should read Adam Shephard’s excellent new book, Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream. Seeking to refute Barbara Ehrenreich’s thesis in Nickel and Dimed — that the poor were structurally prevented from escaping poverty by the inherent unfairness of capitalism — Shephard set out with $25 in his pocket, relocated to a town he’d never been to, moved into a homeless shelter, and took work as a day laborer. Within a matter of months, by hard work and thrift, he had saved up enough money to rent his own apartment, buy a used truck, and had thousands of dollars in the bank.

You should read that book, and also read Thomas Sowell’s The Vision of the Anointed Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy, which explains exactly what’s wrong with the liberal mentality that conceives of drug-addicted sociopathic criminals as homeless “victims.”

UPDATE II: Linked by noted hobophobe Kathy Shaidle.