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July 22, 2009

ObamaCare: Health Rationing for Americans, Not for Illegal Aliens

Michelle Malkin’s new column:

Big Nanny Democrats want to ration health care for everyone in America — except those who break our immigration laws. Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee defeated an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens from using the so-called “public health insurance option.” Every Democrat on the panel voted against the measure. . . .
At a time when Democratic leaders are pushing rationed care in a world of limited resources, Americans might wonder where the call for shared sacrifice is from illegal immigrant patients like those in Los Angeles getting free liver and kidney transplants at UCLA Medical Center. “I’m just mad,” illegal alien Jose Lopez told the Los Angeles Times last year after receiving two taxpayer-subsidized liver transplants while impatiently awaiting approval for state health insurance.
Now, multiply that sense of entitlement by 12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants. Welcome to the open-borders Obamacare nightmare.

Read the whole thing. And let me remind you that Michelle Malkin is author of the new blockbuster Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies, also known as Best. Book. Evah! (With apologies to any of my friends who forgot to thank me for “invaluable writerly advice” in their books.)

May 23, 2009

New frontiers in political correctness

As Dave Barry says, I’m not making this up:

Mayor quits job for gay
illegal immigrant he loves
. . . Only two weeks after being elected to serve his fourth term, Mayor J.W. Lown of San Angelo submitted his resignation letter Tuesday from an undisclosed location in Mexico. . . .
What made it stunning wasn’t the status of Lown’s office, which pays $600 a year, but the status of his lover.
Lown fell for an illegal Mexican immigrant.
A man.
Lown told the San Angelo Standard-Times he had fallen for the man in March, after he had already filed for re-election. The man came to the U.S. five years ago to study at Angelo State University.
It was unclear whether he had a student visa, but if he did it apparently had expired.

Go read the whole thing, if only to prove to yourself this isn’t from Iowahawk. A couple of thoughts:

  1. To quote our hero Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, “Only two things come from Texas,” and Mayor Lown is definitely not a steer.
  2. If this doesn’t get Mayor Lown a Profile in Courage award and a “genius” grant from the McArthur Foundation, it will at least get him a six-figure book deal, appearances on “The View” and “Oprah,” and either a HBO movie deal or a reality series on VH-1.

Via Memeorandum.

UPDATE: Linked by Moe Lane at Red State and Jimmie Bise at Sundries Shack, both of whom are trying to beat the low-traffic Memorial Day weekend blues.

January 19, 2009

Ramos and Compean to go free!

Flaming skull at AOSHQ for this news:

President George W. Bush has commuted the prison sentences of two former Border Patrol guards whose convictions for shooting a Mexican drug dealer ignited debate about illegal immigration.

Of course, this being the Associated Press, their characterization of the story is false. The “debate about illegal immigration” — Sonny Bono: “What’s to debate? It’s illegal!” — had been “ignited” long before that drug dealer was shot. But we’ll discuss that in the updates.

UPDATE I: The two martyrs to Bush’s open-borders monomania will be released March 20, Michelle Malkin reports.

UPDATE II: Fox News:

The imprisonment of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean had sparked outcry from critics who said the men were just doing their jobs and were punished too harshly. They had been sentenced to 11- and 12-year sentences, respectively.
Ramos and Compean were sentenced in connection with the shooting of Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, who was shot in the buttocks while trying to flee along the Texas border. He admitted smuggling several hundred pounds of marijuana on the day he was shot and pleaded guilty last year to drug charges related to two other smuggling attempts.
Nearly the entire congressional delegation from Texas and other lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle pleaded with Bush to grant them clemency.

Apparently, Bush was afraid that granting clemency might dampen Republican support among the party’s all-important Mexican drug smuggler constituency. Anyone who wishes to assert that Bush was America’s worst president ever will probably get little argument from these two Border Patrol agents.

UPDATE III: Via Hot Air, the senior administration official:

Bush didn’t pardon the men for their crimes, but decided instead to commute their sentences because he believed they were excessive and that they had already suffered the loss of their jobs, freedom and reputations, a senior administration official said.
The action by the president, who believes the border agents received fair trials and that the verdicts were just, does not diminish the seriousness of their crimes, the official said.

Fuck you, senior administration official! Their “crimes” were what most Americans would call “doing their jobs,” to protect our nation against invasion by foreign drug smugglers. And if your boss had been true to his oath to uphold our nation’s laws, maybe vile scum like Osvaldo Aldrete Davila wouldn’t have had the idea they had a green light at the border.

UPDATE II: Linked by Dave C at Minority Leader.

UPDATE III: Linked at MacsMind.

January 15, 2009

The ‘culture’ defense

Kids, don’t try this at home:

The story of the Greenfield man who allegedly sold his 14-year-old daughter to a young suitor for cash and beer went worldwide, and the police chief who ordered the arrest said Tuesday the incident arose from a clash of cultures.
The social mores in parts of rural Mexico, where arranged marriages are common for young girls, ran head-on into California law designed to protect juveniles from sexual predators.
“It’s kind of a clash of two different cultures, but I have to uphold the local law,” Greenfield Police Chief Joe Grebmeier said.
The case involves a father, Marcelino DeJesus Martinez, 36, a young male neighbor, Margarito DeJesus Galindo, 18, and Martinez’s 14-year-old daughter who Galindo sought to marry.

Notice that the “clash of cultures” argument is only ever offered by the media in defense of foreign cultures. If Americans expect our own culture to be respected elsewhere (e.g., the Middle East), that’s “imperialism.” But any foreigner who can manage to get across our borders, legally or otherwise, is entitled to receive the “Get out of jail free” cultural-defense card from the MSM.

So, while any American who sold his teenage daughter would be denounced as a misogynistic oppressor, and the case cited as conclusive evidence of how our culture is infested with patriarchal exploitation, as long as your name is Martinez and you’re from Oaxaca — oh, what quaint rural customs! It’s a “clash of cultures”!

PREVIOUSLY: Diversity is our strength!

UPDATE: Barbara O’Brien (Mahablog) thinks she understands this story, and my reaction to it:

[W]hen done by an illegal immigrant, sexual exploitation of a girl is an outrage. But sexual exploitation of girls by native-born Americans is perfectly OK.

Ah, the comparison to the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) is invoked. Very well, then. I didn’t get up this morning expecting this discussion, but let’s go ahead and have it, shall we?

Shortly after Texas officials raided the FLDS compound in Eldorado last year, it became apparent that officials were not merely seeking to prosecute specific crimes. Instead, they launched a paramilitary exercise that seized 432 children — including babies and toddlers — from their parents and put the children into foster care, evidently because officials considered the entire sect to be a criminal conspiracy. Furthermore, the media jumped on the story with lurid “teen sex cult” headlines, repeating as gospel the most sensational allegation in the search warrant affidavit.

What you had in the Eldorado raid, then, was (a) prosecutorial overkill and (b) flagrant media bias in favor of the prosecutorial overkill. The same media that waxes hysterically indignant about the treatment of al-Qaeda detainees at Gitmo were acting as cheerleaders while SWAT squads swooped down in America to seize babies from the arms of their mothers.

There was a distinct whiff of bovine excrement about this story and it soon emerged that, contrary to the sensational media tale about an abused teen victim named “Sarah Jessup Barlow” making a desperate call for help from inside the Eldorado compound, the original tip to Texas officials apparently came from a Colorado hoaxer. Rozita Swinton, who had a history of similar hoax calls, evidently became obsessed with the FLDS as a result of media accounts (including an “Oprah” episode) about the cult.

Furthermore, the FLDS claimed — and the official report indirectly confirms — that Texas officials were grilling every young mother at the Eldorado compound in a desperate hunt for the non-existent “Sarah Jessop Barlow,” obviously because the officials did not want to admit that their massive raid (which cost taxpayers $12 million) had been launched under false premises.

Barbara O’Brien accuses me of saying that FLDS is “perfectly OK,” but I never said any such thing. At the risk of offending Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch, I’ll say that I consider Mormonism to be an un-Christian cult, a transparent fraud perpetrated by Joseph Smith, and would go so far as to say that the mob that stormed the Nauvoo, Ill., jail on June 27, 1844, did a service to humanity. Insofar as the FLDS intend to revive the original doctrines of Smith — especially including polygamy — they are on a mission of evil. They might as well be trying to revive Heaven’s Gate or the Jonestown cult, so far as I’m concerned.

Rather than defending the cultic practices of the FLDS, what I actually said was this:

[I]f Texas officials are going to launch a paramilitary raid every time a 15-year-old girl gets pregnant, they’re going to need to hire some more SWAT police. In point of fact, Texas leads the nation in teenage pregnancy. The crime that justified this raid in the minds of CPS officials obviously wasn’t that teenage girls were having sex or having babies — that happens every day in Texas — but that they were “married.”

A couple of points quite relevant to this topic:

  • As the 2007 Dallas Morning News story I linked makes clear, a growing immigrant population was directly implicated in Texas’ first-in-the-nation teen pregnancy statistics: “In 2004, Hispanic girls ages 15 to 19 accounted for 61 percent of teen births even though only 39 percent of Texas adolescents were Hispanic, according to the federal National Center for Health Statistics.”
  • In 2005, specifically to address the issue raised by the relocation of FLDS to Eldorado, Texas raised its minimum age for marriage from 14 to 16.

Which is to say that, confronted with two cultures in which early marriage is common, it was the arrival of the FLDS, rather than an influx of Mexican illegals, which provoked action by Texas legislators. Yet which culture actually contributes more to the teen pregnancy situation in Texas? The official report of the Eldorado raid found that 12 FLDS girls had been “married” before age 16, of which seven had been age 14 or 15 and thus would not have been victims of a crime if not for the 2005 revision of the law. (Whether or not you believe that 14-year-olds should be permitted to marry, such marriages are still legal in several states.)

So, 12 victims of FLDS, compared to how many hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of Hispanic girls the same ages who become mothers every year in Texas? The latest CDC statistics don’t give us raw numbers state-by-state, but we know (Table 6) that 9,870 Hispanic girls 15 and under gave birth in the U.S. in 2006, including 320 who were giving birth to their second child before age 16 and — believe it or not — 10 cases in which girls under 16 gave birth to their third child.

If Barbara O’Brien is serious about “sexual exploitation of girls,” then she must deem victims the nearly 10,000 young Latinas who give birth before age 16 each year in the United States — to say nothing of the untold thousands of similar girls in Mexico where, we are assured by the San Jose Mercury News and the Greenfield, Calif., police chief, “Everything they were doing would be legal.”

UPDATE II: John Hawkins muses on multiculturalism in a relevant way.

January 14, 2009

Diversity is our strength!

Don’t be a xenophobe:

GREENFIELD, Calif. — A father is accused of trying to sell his 14-year-old daughter for marriage in hopes of getting money and 150 cases of beer in return, Greenfield police said.
Macelino de Jesus Martinez, 36, was arrested Monday on suspicion of trying to arrange to have his daughter marry Margarito de Jesus Galindo, 18, for $16,000, 100 cases of Corona, 50 cases of Modelo beer, several cases of meat, two cases of wine, 50 cases of Gatorade and 50 cases of soft drinks, authorities said.
The girl moved in with Galindo and when payments were not received, her father called police to get his daughter back.
Greenfield Police Chief Joe Grebmeier told KSBW Action News 8 that both Martinez and Galindo, who are immigrants from Mexico, face the possibility of being deported as illegal immigrants.

All you racist hatemongers probably want to deport these poor innocent victims of intolerance and bigotry, just because you don’t understand their culture.

Me? I’m just wondering whatever happened to that Corona.

UPDATE: Just realized that, because this happened in California, the girl could sue her father for selling her for a few million below market value.

UPDATE II: Video via Brenda Walker:

Stupid MSM reporters don’t even bother to tell us what happened to all those cases of Corona.

UPDATE III: Genghis at AOSHQ: Gatorade?

December 4, 2008

Crackdown on illegals works

One of the most persistent excuses you hear to justify amnesty for illegal aliens is, “We can’t deport 14 million people!” No, but a little bit of get-tough enforcement goes a long way, as one Virginia community has discovered:

Many illegal immigrants have left Prince William County or slid out of public view in the 17 months since the county’s high-profile crackdown on them was proposed.
Student enrollment in the public schools’ English as a Second Language program has dropped by several hundred students over the past year while increasing in surrounding jurisdictions, one sign that immigrants have left. fewer day laborers congregate outside the 7-Eleven on the corner of Route 1 and Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge. . . .
Indeed, Victor Rincon, manager of Michael’s Restaurant — adjacent to the 7-Eleven on Route 1 — said the exodus of immigrants has practically decimated his business.
“My place has lost about 75 percent of the business,” he said. “We have lost nearly everything. There’s no immigrants anymore. They have gone to Maryland or another state.”

An enforcement-oriented attitude tends to encourage “self-deportation,” and if more effective interior enforcement were combined with more rigorous border security, the result would be a net outflow of illegals. No drastic or extreme measures are necessary. If only a few basic steps were taken, a substantial reduction of the illegal population could be achieved in a few years.

November 16, 2008

To hell with Karl Rove

If you’ve met Karl Rove — as I did earlier this year at George Washington University — you know what an impressive person he is. The guy has an authoritative manner, and can talk politics very fluently, citing all sorts of historical and demographic facts to bolster his case.

Yet that does not, and certainly ought not, empower Rove to dictate policy to conservatives. In fact, this blurring of politics and policy in the Bush administration (for which Rove was significantly responsible) is one of the major causes of Republican “brand damage.” Here is Rove in Newsweek:

Republicans must find a way to support secure borders, a guest-worker program and comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens citizenship, grows our economy and keeps America a welcoming nation. An anti-Hispanic attitude is suicidal. As the party of Lincoln, Republicans have a moral obligation to make our case to Hispanics, blacks and Asian-Americans who share our values. Whether we see gains in 2010 depends on it.

Why do we need liberals, when we have Karl Rove to push liberal propaganda?

  • Opposition to amnesty is not an “anti-Hispanic attitude,” and to hell with any Republican who repeats that liberal lie. Illegal aliens are not citizens, and non-citizens cannot vote, and if anyone — whatever their ethnic background — wants to vote for a party that supports lawbreaking and opposes sovereignty, the Democrats already own that vote.
  • Amnesty does not “strengthen citizenship,” and it is oxymoronic to suggest any such thing.
  • Amnesty is not necessary to “keep America a welcoming nation.” The United States now admits legally about 800,000 immigrants every year. Whether that is a good policy or not is an argument entirely separate from the question of what to do about the approximately 15 million illegal aliens in the country. What part of “illegal” don’t you understand, Karl?
  • As to the need to “grow our economy” . . . well, heckuva job, Karl. When unemployment was below 5 percent, the argument for turning a blind eye to illegals might have had some traction, but as the nation’s plummets into its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, I’m thinking that’s not going to be such an easy sell.

Going back to February 2006, I remember the immigration panel at CPAC (a panel that included Mark Krikorian and Phyllis Schlafly) trying to explain that the administration’s support for amnesty was political poison. Yet the administration not only pushed amnesty in 2006, but even after being repudiated in the mid-term elections, came back and pushed again in 2007, then the GOP let the chief Senate sponsor of amnesty get the presidential nomination. And where were those Hispanic hordes stampeding to the polls to vote for Sen. Juan McAmnesty? Nowhere.

Transparent pandering on the wrong side of an issue is not a politically viable strategy for Republicans, since liberal Democrats can always outpander the GOP. If a majority of Hispanic voters are not supporting the Republican Party, the reasons have more to do with socioeconomic factors than with a monomaniacal support for amnesty among Hispanics. If the only way to get more Hispanic votes is to endorse subversive policies, then the GOP ought to be happy with the support of whatever minority of Hispanic voters oppose subversion.

Has it occurred to anyone — as it has apparently never occurred to Rove, Bush or McCain — that many law-abiding Hispanic citizens are insulted by politicians who pander to illegals? Certainly Puerto Ricans (born with U.S. citizenship) and Cubans (legal refugees and their descendants) have no personal stake in amnesty, and are undoubtedly troubled to hear Republicans like Rove insinuate that “Hispanic” and “illegal alien” are synonyms, so that to be anti-amnesty is to be anti-Hispanic.

Finally, Rove throws his appeal for amnesty into the same paragraph with the idea of appealing to black voters when — as anyone who bothers to talk to actual black people can easily discover — most black people are as outraged as anyone else over illegal immigration. People like Karl Rove apparently think black people are too stupid to catch the racist implications when Republicans go out of their way to praise the “family values” and “work ethic” of “law-abiding” illegals.

Message to Karl Rove: Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean other people are stupid.

UPDATE: Rusty says Karl Rove’s already been to hell. No, Rusty, you’re thinking of Scooter Libby.

UPDATE II: Both Donald Douglas and Steve in TN side with Rove, without addressing the central problem: On what basis does the GOP make an appeal to currently Democrat-leaning Hispanic voters that is consistent with conservative values? Where is the conservative issue that is going to make those Hispanics who are now voting 2-to-1 for Democrats reverse their preference?

Douglas accuses me of “stereotypical ignorance of Latinos” — heh!– and then references his own article arguing that “at least 20 percent of Latino voters are traditional conservatives with deep religious affiliations.” And the point is . . .?

The problem is not that Republicans are “blowing off” that 20% constituency, as Douglas says, rather it is the fact that the majority of Hispanics vote Democratic and always have. With all of his “strategery,” Rove never changed that. In his best year, 2004, Bush got 44% of the Hispanic vote. I haven’t done the math, but I’m betting that if you look at this year’s exit polls, calculate the effect if McCain had gotten that same 44% of Hispanic votes, Obama would still win by an Electoral College landslide.

Which is to say, Rove doesn’t have an answer to this problem, and the Hispanic vote does not actually explain why McCain lost the election. The real explanation, put simply, is that the Bush administration has made the Republican Party unpopular. Why is it that Karl Rove, who did so much to drive the GOP into this ditch, is trusted to tell the GOP how to get out of the ditch? It’s as if in the mid-’70s, Republicans were turning to H.R. Haldeman and John Erlichman for advice on how to recover from the Watergate scandal. Utter madness.

UPDATE III: Oh, you got to love this:

Luis Cortes, one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential American evangelicals and a strong Bush supporter, says immigration is the reason.
Today Cortes is coy when asked how he voted. He said the immigration issue shaped his vote. “Of course it did. But I’m not going to say anything else,” he said, then added, “I always vote in brown’s interest, meaning Latino people’s interest.”

Losing a pandering competition is worse than not pandering at all. Nobody respects a panderer.

November 15, 2008

Foreign crime, American streets

Thank you, San Francisco Democrats:

A teenager accused of stabbing a 14-year-old boy to death in a gang-motivated attack had been given sanctuary from deportation under San Francisco’s previous practice of shielding young illegal immigrant felons from federal authorities, records show.
Rony Aguilera, 17, known as “Guerrillero,” has been charged as an adult in the July 31 sword attack in the Excelsior neighborhood that killed Ivan Miranda, who police say was an innocent victim caught up in an act of gang vengeance. Authorities believe Aguilera is an illegal immigrant from Honduras, but he was never referred to federal officials after being arrested last year in an assault case, according to records reviewed by The Chronicle.
Aguilera is the second person this year to be charged with murder in San Francisco after having been protected from possible deportation under city officials’ now-discarded interpretation of a sanctuary ordinance that barred agencies from cooperating with federal efforts to round up illegal immigrants.
In June, Edwin Ramos, now 22, an alleged illegal immigrant from El Salvador who compiled a record of gang-related crimes as a juvenile, was accused of fatally shooting Anthony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, in their car in the Excelsior.
Police believe that, like Ramos, Aguilera is a member of the MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) gang. . . .
San Francisco juvenile authorities had long ordered their probation officers not to consider defendants’ immigration status, under the Juvenile Probation Department’s interpretation that such a move would violate the sanctuary city law.
As a result, Aguilera was not referred to federal immigration officials.
Instead, a juvenile court judge decided that he would live with his parents in Houston while being informally monitored from San Francisco, according to authorities with knowledge of the case.

It’s very important that rich Democrats in San Francisco have illegal aliens to do their housework, and if the housekeeper’s kids are out gang-banging in the streets while Maria is dusting the antiques, well … that’s just the price you pay for social justice, eh?

These immigrant gangbangers are killing people American gangbangers won’t kill.

November 14, 2008


You can’t make this stuff up:

Years after being advised by a state agency to stop, the Dallas Independent School District continued to provide foreign citizens with fake Social Security numbers to get them on the payroll quickly.
Some of the numbers were real Social Security numbers already assigned to people elsewhere. And in some cases, the state’s educator certification office unknowingly used the bogus numbers to run criminal background checks on the new hires, most of whom were brought in to teach bilingual classes.

Ed Morrissey says this means teaching is “another job Americans won’t do.” Michelle Malkin says “I is for illegal.” Mexican teachers with Mexican students breaking American laws in American schools at the expense of American taxpayers, and some people still wonder why John McCain lost the election . . .

November 11, 2008

Video: Palin on ‘Today’

I watched this interview this morning and noted her disturbing deployment of the Hispanic vote excuse:

Via Allahpundit, who says:

If you think she’s going to jettison her position on amnesty now that she’s free of Team Maverick’s clutches, I think you’re kidding yourself.

We shall see. I am betting that Governor Palin hasn’t spent much time chitchatting with Mark Krikorian about the blunt reality of immigration politics. Let’s face it, Anchorage isn’t being overrun by Mexicans wading across the Bering Straits. And it is thus easily possible that Palin hasn’t really sat down to ponder the net-gain/net-loss electoral calculus that exposes the Tamar Jacoby/Wall Street Journal open-borders stance as political suicide for Republicans.

Sarah Palin could get plenty of Hispanic votes in 2012 without having to engage in amnesty pandering. And if she wants to engage in amnesty pandering, she might as well stay in Wasilla, because there is no shortage of Republicans like Mike Huckabee who’ll compete for the open-borders sellout vote in the GOP primaries. Remember that Juan McAmnesty finished the primary campaign with just 47% of the vote. He “lost” the Republican primaries before he lost general election.