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July 24, 2009

Perhaps a chart would’ve helped

by Smitty (h/t Drudge)

Boston University professor of politics Thomas Whalen:

Unfortunately, the racial divide is still there. It’s still very raw. I think he was trying to let the majority of non-minority Americans have a sense of what it is like to a black or Latino,” said Boston University professor of politics Thomas Whalen.

In unofficial draft remarks plucked ex nihilo, he continued:

Additionally, there is a greater-than-zero likelihood that this racial divide could multiply the minority of non-majority Americans subtracted from the other group feeling, somehow, less than the unequal subset of disenfranchised Uighurs left adrift thanks to Bush policies.

No, really, Mr. Whalen: the racial divide is still there. Because the positions and careers of so many are predicated upon maintaining that divide.

When societal leaders pursue a humble, conciliatory, not-trying-to-get-my-fifteen-minutes course, then we can set about decreasing the divide, and perhaps close the gap. Think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose legacy falls short of advancement thanks to this silliness.

For those who are actually on the receiving end of abuse, the heart goes out to you: your legitimate cause isn’t even slightly helped by the likes of Professor Gates and the POTUS.

July 23, 2009

Wurzelbacher, Crowley, and an ENT surgeon walk into a bar

by Smitty

Joe Wurzelbacher, James Crowley, and an Ear, Nose, Throat surgeon walked into a bar.
“He thinks he knows more than me about tonsils,” lamented the ENT surgeon.
“Even though I’ve taught on the subject of racial profiling, he criticizes the way I do my job and calls it stupid”, said Crowley.
“Yeah, I really took it in the plumbing, too,” began Joe, looking at the bartender, “Three brew-hahas, please. Hey, aren’t you Gerald Walpin?”
“Not so loud!” replied Gerald “You wanna get me fired from this job, too?”

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