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January 27, 2009

Pro-lifers call for Jed Babbin’s scalp

Several Christian conservative activists have signed a letter demanding that Human Events fire editor Jed Babbin, a letter circulated by radio talk-show host Gregg Jackson:

“For years conservatives trusted Human Events as a source of truth about what is happening in American politics,” Jackson said. “Babbin’s embarrassing and revealing statements in this very revealing interview are only the most recent indication of an ongoing purge of real conservatives and their replacement by social liberals posing as the heirs of the Reagan revolution,” Jackson continued.

So “revealing,” he said it twice! Part of what angers Jackson is Babbin’s argument — a venerable conservative position — that the Declaration of Independence does not trump the Constitution. Jackson, who supported Mike Huckabee in the GOP primaries and supported Alan Keyes’ independent presidential candidacy in the general election, also denounces Babbin for allegedly “suppressing the truth” about deviations from pro-life positions by Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney. Babbin ended the interview by hanging up on Jackson.

I seriously doubt this protest will jeopardize Babbin’s position at Human Events, but it is worth noting if only as indicating the depth of discontent among some members of the conservative coalition. I am pro-life, but there is no way on earth I’d ever vote for Mike Huckabee, period. I believe in the Good Book, but it’s not the only book worth reading. Besides which, Huckabee worships in the church of St. Al Gore.