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July 3, 2009

Jenny Sanford on the moral high ground

by Smitty (h/t Lucianne)

The Post and Courier features Jenny Sanford playing a straightforward Christian hand with respect to the despicable cad husband.

If someone truly understands what the Almighty has forgiven them, on an individual basis, it becomes impossible not to pass on the savings. Forgiveness is about freedom from past wrongs. It’s about saying “no” to emotional baggage.

Forgiveness is not about being a doormat. Jenny correctly identifies Mark’s behavior itself as “inexcusable”. [Cheap piling on goes here]. What’s crucial to understand is that forgiveness with respect to the past is not an abandonment of the future. The Sanford case itself is their business, but, in general, I’m completely supportive of a spouse laying down heavy requirements for repentance. The wayward husband should show a substantial, demonstrable change of heart, or the wife is justified in divorcing the creep. Some might argue ventilating him is OK, too: but think about the rug.

In other words, divorce, while ugly, may be acceptable in the face of unrepentant behavior. That divorce would have nothing to do with being unforgiving about past sins, and everything to do with rejecting future unrighteousness.