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March 27, 2009

Things You Can’t Safely Do With Mohammed

By Smitty
Hat tip: Anorak
“In Russia they play Jesus Monopoly – Go directly to jail, do no pass go(d)…”

In my Father’s monopoly, there are multitudes of houses and hotels. Shouldst thou already labour under the waters of a mortgage on thy devalued property, even thine only domicile, and thou then landest on mine, then it biteth to be thee. Theology is theology; verily, business is business. And neglect ye not the tip jar, lest thy ungratefulness exceed even mine.
–Not the Gospel of John

March 11, 2009

Elvis Once; Jesus, Not So Much

by Smitty
Hat Tip: Hot Air

Jesus sightings would seem to refute the idea of Evangelical Collapse:

Back to the post title, I did see Elvis once.
I was in Aft Steering aboard USS McClusky (FFG 41).

That’s at the extreme right of the picture, right at the waterline.
Looking at a blob of grease on one of the steering gear joints, I saw the King in profile.
“Look, it’s Elvis!” I yelled, because everyone in Aft Steering wears double hearing protection for a reason.
Rather than looking at this miracle in astonishment, my shipmates looked at me with concern…

Now, while a ship’s a she, I don’t think FFG-41 really buys us much in the Rule 5 department with RSM. Do forward your tasteful cheesecake photos post haste.