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March 10, 2009

Never punk-smack a masochist

The punk will keep coming back for more and, next thing you know, you’ll spend all your time smacking punks instead of providing insightful commentary on current events.

Nevertheless, infamous poofter James B. Webb has demonstrated the validity of Rule 4 (as if its validity were ever in doubt), showing how a wise selection of enemies can increase traffic. Since he first began his auto-beclownment, his traffic has spiked from a pathetic 53 visitors Saturday to 123 yesterday, and as of 5:11 p.m. ET today, he was at an astonishing 101 visitors!
James: Take 12, and blog me in the morning.
UPDATE: I will be out of pocket this evening, consulting clients and researching economic conditions, and have told Frequent Commenter Smitty that, if he wants to provide insightful commentary on current events, now would be a good time to go hog-wild.
So if you’re looking for some Rule 2 action, link us up, e-mail the URL to Smitty and beg for the FMJRA, punks. Remember, today is David Brooks Fisking Day, so you have until midnight to trash that useless idiot with remorseless fury. Trust me, your spleen will thank you.
And if you haven’t hit the tip jar yet, do so now. Blogging this brutal is too good to be free.