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May 3, 2009

Monique Stewart, Impressing Feminists

By Smitty
HotMES sounds as though her Master’s thesis, which probably won’t be finished this week, will be a strong contender for That Which Offends Die Drachen most. It’s a thesis on our national scourge.

That the American public is fooled into thinking that this is about a woman’s right to choose, or a child’s right to life but, realistically, this is about a multi-billion dollar industry.

Monique reveals this in a post concerning a conversation with such a “fierce woman” in I’m sorry, I don’t speak retarded. Go, Monique, go!

May 1, 2009

Why does CNN anchor hate women?

Remember when my reaction to over-the-counter sales of Plan B to 17-year-olds was denounced by lefties as ignorant, hateful, misogynistic and anti-sex? OK, so now there is a column by CNN anchor Mike Galanos criticizing the decision.

Sully? Pandagon? Mahablog?

Oh, and while you’re at it, be sure to denounce Monique Stuart as a self-hating puritanical anti-sex bigot. But maybe I should warn you about her 6-foot-tall penis. NTTAWWT.

April 21, 2009

‘Party of the rich’?

Republicans get angry that they are always seen as the party of the rich. I don’t believe that. They are not the party of the rich. They are also not the party of the poor. Both parties ignore the poor, and both are headed and ruled by elitists. The general public gets that and that is why most people don’t vote and the ones who do are more inclined to identify as independents.”

April 21, 2009

Possibly Better Than The Jello Wrestling

by Smitty
In the South corner (geographically), we have The Clever S. Logan, who thinks that the recession may portend a much needed Come To Beavis meeting for the corporate ‘we’:

The kind of economic difficulty that America needs to purge the “spoiled brat” mentality and return to the days of moral and cultural integrity that Tito remembers and I (sadly) do not is one more severe than we are currently having. It cannot be the kind in which people whine about having less money to spend on dinners and movies out. It must be the kind that forces neighbors to band together to meet their bare necessities.

And, in the North corner, we have HotMes, taking just a little bit of umbrage at the spoiled brat call:

I was drawn into conservatism because I got sick of it all. I got sick of the fact that I was working my butt off while the government was taking my money (through taxation) to support those who weren’t willing to sacrifice. They weren’t even willing to work. Don’t forget, I was poor. I have seen abuses of welfare. I was the friend of kids whose mothers were on welfare and used their checks to buy drugs.

We can all have a laugh, but I’m going to come down on Monique’s side in the argument. While it may be possible to show substantially that modern Americans are indeed a bunch of crybabies, sweeping generalizations about anything other than brooms remain fraught with peril.

Thus, the question of whether person “A” is a dirtbag and person “B” is not is really bearish. We need to get to know them on an individual basis, and offer the solid encouragement required to get them to judge themselves and decide to avoid dirtbag-hood. My name is Chris, and I approve of this message. However, the real judge here is Cynthia Yockey, so we’ll have to await her final take on the matter.

March 31, 2009

Intro to Female Psychology, Lesson One

“When a woman asks, ‘Does this skirt make me look fat?’ The answer is probably yes, which she knows deep down inside, but she isn’t willing to admit it. Knowing that no one is going to tell her that it does make her look fat, even if it does, she gets the false reassurance she desired so that she can wear the skirt without a second thought. By the way, it’s not the skirt that makes you look fat; it’s the fat that makes you look fat.”

March 30, 2009

HotMES: ‘Use Discovered for Sen. McCain’

By Smitty
Monique is not a member of the Senator McCain fan club. She thinks she may have found a use for him. The Puffington Host has a convenient caption contest going on at the moment. We could, say, hijack that:
“Joe, do you really think I make a good cautionary tale? Should I have listened to Thomas Jefferson:

‘In matters of style, swim with the current; In matters of principle, stand like a rock.’

“Do you think?”

March 25, 2009

Britney Spears, topless

That’s the Rule 5 illustration at Monique Stuart’s blog post about the Obama propaganda machine. Because Monique was “out most of the night” with her girlfriend at a Britney Spears concert. NTTAWWT. And since this is Sexy Picture Night, here’s a couple of sexy people:

Mr. & Mrs. Frequent Commenter Smitty, at Rock It Grill in Old Town Alexandria, where Smitty rocked the house with some Jimmy Buffett. A short excerpt of the conversation:

ME: So, she’s from Germany, huh?
SMITTY: Yeah, she came over in 2004.
ME: Cool. (To Mrs. Smitty) Better watch it. If you don’t do right, he’ll have you deported.
SMITTY: Too late for that. She’s got a U.S. passport.
ME: Chump.

OK, I wasn’t taking notes, so I can’t swear that this is an exact transcript. Also, I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that Smitty’s wife was fondling my knee under the table. It might have been Smitty himself, for all I know . . .

Earlier Tuesday, I covered a conference and subsequently hoovered up the hors d’ouervres at a reception, where I got still more sexy photos:

Now, the lovely lady in this photo is one of the most enthusiastic conservative philanthropists in D.C., and I think you see why: By giving generously to conservative causes, she gets the chance to meet and mingle with some of the hottest young Republican guys in town, like this fellow with the scotch-on-the-rocks. And ladies, he’s available!

Yes, lady blog-readers, that’s right: Mr. V, as we shall call him, is single, successful and Republican. He is Catholic, holds a law degree, and is looking for a girl who is — and I quote Mr. V himself — “future First Lady material.”

Want to hear more? Of course you do. Mr. V is 27, Italian on his father’s side, Jewish on his mother’s side, has a muscular physique and is 5-foot-8.

ME: So, you’re looking for a girl maybe 5-3, 5-4?
MR. V: A little taller than that, maybe 5-6.
ME: Ah . . . .[snip]
MR. V: Not taller than me, but not too short. . . . Well, 5-4 would be OK, I guess.

So, there you have it, ladies. If you’re an unmarried Republican gal of exceptional moral character (and smokin’ hotness), if you are between 5-foot-4 and 5-foot-6 tall, if you dream of being First Lady to the first Italian-Jewish President of the United States, then just leave a comment, and we’ll try to hook you up. Because Mr. V is obviously so popular with the ladies . . .

Hey, what about Michelle Lee Muccio? Oh, that’s right. I forgot. I introduced them at CPAC:

Michelle’s got to be at least 5-7, so Mr. V’s probably not interested. Which means he’s still fair game, ladies.

UPDATE: Apparently, Eric Cantor thought the Britney Spears concert was more important than the Obama press conference. Good call, I say!

March 20, 2009

Ever wonder why the letters ‘O,’ ‘M’ and ‘G’ were invented?

She is strictly neutral and objective and therefore offers herself as an impartial referee in the Jello wrestling catfight grudge match, The Fight for Big Sexy. Yeah, I know, life is like a box of chocolates but — Holy Cthulhu! — I never thought it would come to this . . .

March 20, 2009

Another amazing alumni success story from The Other McCain School of Blogging

Not only did one of my clients get more than 8,000 hits in just her first 15 days of blogging, but she also finally got Big Sexy to send her that box of Godiva chocolate:

Everybody give her a Rule 2. Yes, that includes you, Monique. You can get your revenge in the Jello wrestling match later.

March 17, 2009

Hammer, nail, head

Plain and simple, the Democrats are buying their votes, with policies that only harm the communities whose votes they are buying. Once again, we let the Democrats frame the issues to make it sound like our policies, or our objections to theirs, are selfish and designed to protect the rich. Unfortunately, too many of our spokespeople get caught up defending themselves against wild accusations rather than just exposing the truth about the harmful results of these sound-good Democrat policies.”