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April 6, 2009

The TBoggolanche!

Welcome, moonbats! Remember: Hits is hits. Linky-hate is just as valuable as linky-love to the capitalist blogger and, having twice been nominated for Andrew Sullivan’s prestigious “Malkin Award,” I sure don’t complain about linky-hate.

Now, TBogg told you that Rule 5 is about “giving wingnuts something to masturbate to,” but in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, here’s something extra-sexy especially for TBogg readers!

And since the spirit of generosity requires me to do you such excellent favors, let me suggest three books you should read:

Y’all have fun!

March 30, 2009

‘Blah blah blah right-wing Moonie rag blah blah blah . . .’

It’s kind of predictable, really: Whenever there is a lull in the Left’s ongoing onslaught, a moonbat will go after The Washington Times and/or Fox News in an effort to convince himself that Evil Right Wing Corporate Media represents a shady conspiracy of some sort.

The latest example is by some assclown named Mark Karlin, whose starting and ending point is: REV. MOON! Wow, points for originality, Mark. Some person named “Ellen” praises Karlin’s “excellent column” at NewsHounds.

Exactly what prompted this sudden burst of “investigative” moonbattery — SCOOP! REV. MOON OWNS NEWSPAPER! — I’m not quite sure, nor am I sure if they’ll follow up with another startling revelation:



August 11, 2008

Moonbats shouldn’t do foreign policy

Really, HuffPo, did you have to publish this?

In classic “Wag The Dog” scenario there is a neat little war brewing between American and Russian proxies, and real Russian troops, in the Caucacus Mountains on the Russian border.
It couldn’t come at a better time for the Republicans.
McCain gets to act and talk tough against the Russians, while Obama is on vacation in Hawaii, issuing “can’t we all get along statements.”
It perfectly augments Republican campaign points: Obama is not ready. He is not tough, experienced enough to deal with a dangerous world.

The Russian invasion of Georgia was an unjustified and unilateral aggression by Putin’s neo-Stalinist regime. Thousands ae dead, and thousands will die yet. Georgians are begging the West for assistance, and view our failure to intervene as a betrayal. A world crisis looms, of tremendous geopolitical significance.

To interpret all this through the narrow prism of domestic election politics — and especially to invoke paranoid fear of a bogus “Wag the Dog” scenario — is so far beneath the contempt of serious people that I hesitated even to notice it.

What is wrong with you people?