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July 29, 2009

Freeberg sticker roundup

by Smitty

House of Eratosthenes has some quality bumper stickers for you.
I don’t agree with the dismal quotation he embeds at the bottom. Our country is as dead as “We the People” allow.

July 4, 2009

Oh, that saucy Freeberg

by Smitty

The House of Eratosthenes, that ardent and eloquent supporter of Sarah Palin, has a thoughtful rumination on the lady, with a punch line that is so great as to out-Sullivan Sullivan.

Of course, some of this is trickery on my part, since I’ve been pretending not to know things I know. Got a call from Palin’s press secretary yesterday evening, in response to a private e-mail I sent the Governor. It was about yet another theory, one not yet explored by anyone. Bulls-eye, first try! And since this is The Blog That Nobody Reads, there is no damage involved in spilling the beans here.

I was right. Sarah Palin never

Very, very well done, sir.

May 24, 2009

Freeberg nails it again

by Smitty

  You’d think that “it” would get tired of being nailed. If you followed the Rule 5 URL yesterday to Freeberg’s Ten Terraces, number 5 in the taxonomy raised hackles for being as enthusiastic about marijuana (and other drug) legalization as Carrie Prejean and this blog are about the destruction of marriage.
  Freeberg doubles down on his point, and draws a comparison with lotteries. The comparison is a high-level one, and the point made is one about sapping the human spirit.
  Back in the day, there was a string of dope comedy flicks by Cheech and Chong. One of them, and it’s really not important enough to research, had a character smoking something which had been urinated upon by an iguana or something. Over the course of the movie, the character transforms into a lizard. Hah, hah, ain’t that a hoot? Even though I was yet a teenager when I saw flick, I recall finding the point profound: you will eventually become that which you smoke.
  Too many relatives in my extended family are basket cases and drains on society as a result of body chemistry experimentation. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine receive, to varying degrees, a pass. Their effects are not seen in the same debilitating light. Good news, bad news, who can say?
  To have the government consider legalizing any currently banned substances, particularly when ideas of health care legislation are in play, is an entry into paradise engineering, indeed.