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September 10, 2008

Sweetheart of the Heartland

Reporting for the American Spectator:

LEBANON, Ohio — Janet Stefanopoulos drove 30 miles from Cincinnati to attend yesterday’s presidential campaign rally here, but it wasn’t the man at the top of the ticket that brought her out on a rainy Tuesday morning.
“I want to see Sarah Palin,” said Stefanopoulos, a retired nurse and staunch Republican who had favored Fred Thompson in the primaries. “I was a lukewarm McCain [supporter] until he picked her. I mean, I would have voted for him, but now I’m fired up…. She is what I would like my children to be.”
Similar sentiments were seen and heard all along Broadway Street, where a crowd of more than 5,000 filled the block between Mulberry and Main streets in front of the Golden Lamb Hotel, which boasts of having hosted 12 presidents, from John Quincy Adams to George W. Bush.

Please read the whole thing. Thanks to all the nice folks in Lebananon, including Warren County GOP Chairman Don Prince. Here’s a selection of photos from the rally.

You might also want to read “Shaking their confidence daily,” about the impact of the Palin pick on Democrats’ morale.

UPDATE: Notice that this Associated Press story is datelined “Lebanon, Ohio,” without managing to give readers any idea of what went on at Tuesday’s rally. It’s as if the reporter had been sent out to cover a football game and failed to include the final score or describe any of the plays.

UPDATE II: Daniel Ruwe attended the rally and notes:

Judging from the comments of the people in line, all ten thousand people were there to see Sarah Palin. . . . A stall selling t-shirts sold McCain-Palin shirts for twenty dollars — but shirts with just McCain went for only fifteen.

Which is to say, the free-market shows that adding Palin to the ticket produced a 25% increase in the value of T-shirts.

August 18, 2008

Obama in Ohio: Ruh-roh

Hope HQ’s got to be sweating this news:

John McCain has pulled even in Ohio, after trailing in PPP’s June and July polls of the state. He and Barack Obama are each at 45%, with 10% of Ohio voters reporting as undecided.
Party unity is an issue for Obama in the Buckeye State. While McCain has an 89-7 lead with voters who identify as Republicans, Obama has a narrower 75-17 edge with Democrats. Delving deeper into the numbers, it appears that residual unhappiness from Hillary Clinton supporters could be the cause. The 25% of Democrats who currently either support McCain or are undecided are disproportionately middle aged, white, and female or in other words prototypical Clinton voters.

I like that “could be the cause.” Really? You think so? Like maybe because Hillary won the primary by 10 points and Obama seems more interested in campaigning in Germany than in Ohio? Or because he’s acting like he’s got it so sewed up he can spend a week bodysurfing in Hawaii?

And keep in mind, this could get even worse, when Obama names his white male running mate.

UPDATE: Yeah, no time to shake hands at a factory gate in Mansfield or Wilmington, but plenty of time to collect nearly $8 million at a swanky Fairmont Hotel fund-raiser in San Francisco.

August 15, 2008

Protectionism, the Left’s xenophobia debunks AFL-CIO/Obama attack ads that blame John McCain for layoffs in Ohio:

German-based DHL announced a deal that could result in 8,200 lost jobs in Wilmington, Ohio. And McCain did in fact oppose an amendment that would have kept DHL from buying Wilmington-based Airborne Express. . . .
[T]he Teamsters union praised the merger at the time, saying that it would lead to more jobs. And at first, more jobs indeed followed.
The ads also imply that the DHL merger is a direct cause of the job losses in Ohio, which we find to be both unlikely and unsubstantiated. Airborne Express had laid off 2,000 employees before the merger, and analysts at the time said that the struggling carrier would need to make expensive investments in its international infrastructure to remain competitive. . . .
The AFL-CIO mailer is the most explicit, saying that “McCain helped cut a deal that sent over 8,000 jobs to a foreign-owned company.” Obama’s television ad, which began airing on Aug. 14, charges that “John McCain helped pave the way for foreign-owned DHL to take over an American shipping company.”

This is how Democratic Party and labor union goons exploit fear and economic ignorance, and except for banning international trade, I don’t know what could ever satisfy them.

If U.S. companies invest overseas, that’s “off-shoring,” and is supposedly bad for American workers. but if foreign companies invest in the U.S., that’s a foreign “takeover,” and is supposedly bad for U.S. workers.

Airborne Express was experiencing hard times, and had already cut 2,000 jobs. So the company sells out to a German competitor, DHL. The hard times continue, however, and so another round of layoffs is necessary.

The DHL buyout did not cause the layoffs in Ohio. DHL inherited the problems at Airborne Express when it bought the company, and the layoffs are the result of those problems, which pre-existed the DHL buyout.

To blame the “foreign-owned company” is ridiculous, and to blame McCain for opposing an amendment that would have blocked the buyout is lunacy. There wouldn’t even be an America without investment by “foreign-owned companies”!

Hello? It was investment by British and Dutch capitalists that funded the original colonial ventures in what is now the United States. Foreign capital helped build the railroads that spanned a continent. The United States has always welcomed foreign investment, because foreign investment is a very good thing.

Ever since the 1970s, the Left has been demonizing foreign investors — especially Arabs and Japanese — who are supposedly buying up everything in America as part of some shadowy takeover scheme. This is ignorant nonsense, anti-economic gibberish.

When foreigners invest their money in U.S. businesses, this is a vote of confidence in America’s prospects for economic growth. Capital investment creates jobs.

If, in this one instance, the DHL buyout of Airborne Express has been followed by layoffs, it does not follow that the buyout caused the layoffs. This is the logical fallacy known as post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

So why is it “hate” when Americans complain about an illegal influx of poor Mexican workers, yet it’s not “hate” when Democrats demonize the legal business activity of rich German investors? Why is dishonest fear-mongering about foreign capitalists not stigmatized as xenophobia?

Because the Left controls the terms of debate, that’s why. They are permitted to spread harmful anti-economic ideas and even to promote fear of foreigners, so long as it helps elect Democrats. But don’t you for a minute think their opponents enjoy any such privilege.


August 8, 2008

GOP vs. Maverick on immigration

Interesting news from Ohio:

The day began with [Cincinnati] Enquirer readers in Butler County picking up copies of the paper’s Hometown section and finding an ad paid for by the campaign committee of Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones, a Republican, challenging McCain to speak out on immigration – an issue that has come up infrequently on the campaign trail.
Jones has made a national reputation as a hard-liner on illegal immigrants and is opposed to plans such as the one supported by McCain and the Bush administration giving illegal aliens a path to citizenship.
“Are you avoiding this American issue?” the sheriff asked McCain in his newspaper ad. “We are all ears.”
By early afternoon, the McCain campaign put out a statement in response to Jones raising an issue that they had not planned to put on the McCain agenda Thursday.
“John McCain will secure the borders first as president,” campaign spokesman Paul Lindsay said. “But he also believes we need a comprehensive solution to the issue of illegal immigration.”

(Via TNR.)