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June 9, 2009

Guests at five-star hotel in Pakistan bothered by slow room service and Jihadi terrorist bombers, but mostly . . .

. . . Jihadi terrorist bombers:

Militants opened fire on security guards and rushed a small truck packed with explosives through the gates of a five-star hotel . . . detonating a huge bomb in the parking lot that killed at least 11 people and wounded 55 . . .

Lots more at Irony-laced reactions from Robert Spencer, Stop the ACLU and Pamela Geller, more blogging at Memeorandum.

Obviously, this is another example of the “right-wing vigilantism” Eric Boehlert is worried about . . .

UPDATE: Yeah, that “right-wing vigilantism” is everywhere, I tell you . . .

January 12, 2009

Prince Harry the Hater?

So they would have us believe:

Taking the prize in the indignation derby was British Muslim activist Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadhan Foundation. “I am deeply shocked and saddened at Prince Harry’s racism which upsets and offends many British Asians,” Shafiq said in a statement. “The use of this sort of racism has no justification and I am saddened by those that are advocating using this term is not racist. … It’s time for real remorse.”
Among Harry’s few defenders was Ingrid Seward of the royal-watching magazine Majesty, who told the BBC that the prince and his academy friends “were having fun and … calling each other nicknames.” She pointed out that Harry’s reddish-blond hair had earned him the nickname “Ginge or Ginger.” (In the video, the prince-lieutenant pretends to give orders to his army comrades and then asks if there are any questions, to which one of them responds: “Are your pubes ginger, too?”) Alas for Harry, “gingers” don’t have quite the kind of ethnic clout in Britain as Pakistanis these days, and the revelation of his nickname prompted no demands that anyone apologize. . . .

That’s from my latest column at Pajamas Media, and you should read the whole thing. Maybe Harry’s been swept up in that “racist backlash” we’ve been warned about.

December 27, 2008

Pakistan threatens India

Very disturbing news:

Pakistan began moving thousands of troops from the Afghan border toward India, officials and witnesses said Friday, raising tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbors and possibly undermining the U.S.-backed campaign against al-Qaida and the Taliban.
The country also announced that it was canceling all military leave in the aftermath of last month’s terror attack on the Indian financial capital of Mumbai.
India has blamed Pakistani militants for the terrifying three-day siege; Pakistan has demanded that India back this up with better evidence.
Pakistan’s latest moves were seen as a warning that it would retaliate if India launches air or missile strikes against militant targets on Pakistani soil – rather than as an indication that a fourth war was imminent between the two countries.

Pakistan sponsors terrorism against India. When India becomes angry, Pakistan threatens war. Like Joe Biden said, Obama will be tested.

November 1, 2008

Abu Jihad al-Masri, R.I.P.

The good guys scored a kill:

An Egyptian Al-Qaeda operative — described by the United States as the terror network’s propaganda chief — was killed in a missile strike in Pakistan, security officials said on Saturday.
Abu Jihad al-Masri was among several rebels killed when two missiles fired by a suspected US spy drone hit a truck in the North Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan on Friday night, they said.
The United States has offered a one-million-dollar bounty for the death or capture of al-Masri, who has appeared in an anti-Western video introduced by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s number two.
“The strike was aimed at a vehicle carrying Abu Jihad and two others. The target was successfully hit and all three people were killed,” a senior Pakistani security official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Terrible how we’re losing the War on Terror, eh?

August 18, 2008

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Musharraf announces resignation.

Dude’s been the cork in a gallon jug full of pure crazy for a long time. Without Musharraf to keep ’em down, the jihadis are liable to run wild in Islamabad. The next regime in Pakistan will make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks like a harmless schoolboy.

Afghanistan on steroids, with nukes.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey is more optimistic than me, which isn’t hard, since I expect we’re no more than 180 days from an al-Qaeda-backed jihadist coup in Islamabad.

The West Bank on PCP, with nukes.