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January 25, 2009

Wicked words

You’re going to burn in Hell for laughing at this:

The polygamy debate still continues but what most commentators will not ask is why almost every man with numerous wives has them all wear long, ugly dresses and heavy walking shoes.
Apart from the fundamental immorality and irresponsibility of the marital arrangement, what does this say about the man’s sanity? Surely wife No. 1 should be dressed as cat woman, No. 2 as naughty nurse, and so on.

Via Kathy Shaidle, who is evil.

January 21, 2009

Christian Toto on ‘Big Love’

The HBO hit:

Sex. Religion. Intolerance. Acceptance. It’s all here, and the new episodes blend those ingredients with considerable finesse.
It’s still dicey enough material to push some viewers permanently away, but those who embraced Tony Soprano’s whack-a-gangster exploits should find enough moral wiggle room to relish the drama here.

He’s got a point. It’s hard to picture people calling up their cable providers and cancelling their HBO in outrage: “Foul-mouthed murdering Mafioso, OK. But I absolutely draw the line at polygamy!”