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July 20, 2009

No, but you might be a Progressive

by Smitty

Jesse Hathaway has published an attack on Ron Paul’s policies, RePaulicanism is not the answer. Hathaway offers some history on the John Birch Society and then says:

Ron Paul is a relic, a holdover from a time when the Birchers held sway, and when “conservatism” meant economic and political isolationism, xenophobia, homophobia… all those things that so-called “little ‘r’ republicans” and “non-partisans” believe in. They like to bloviate about “empire-building” and how “socialist” and “totalitarian” the government is. They are often either disinterested in foreign policy, as in Ron Paul’s case, or have liberal-esque foreign policies as Pat Buchanan does.

Further on:

Libertarianism is not the same as Buckleyist Conservatism, and it annoys me when liberals use Libertarians like Paul as a bludgeon against Republicans. He is a Republican In Name Only, and I wish he’d at least be honest with people and identify as Libertarian.

As is so often the case, a clarification post follows. I Must Be A Communist:

When I say “fetishizing the Constitution,” I was refering to the Repaulican maneuver of holding it up and opposing anything that isn’t expressly spelled out in the Constitution. For example, there is no literal right to privacy in the Constituion. There is nothing in the Constitution about a federal highway system, or publicly funded schools. Birchers would point to these things as examples of creeping fascism, examples of how we live in a totalitarian state.

I submit that a bit more historical detail may help.

  • “We the People” have been running a 233 year experiment.
  • The Declaration of Independence was revolutionary on a variety of levels.
  • The Articles of Confederation (AoC), by comparison, make the European Union look relatively strong. The federal government was notional.
  • The 1787 Constitution, while awesome, was not flawless, talking its way around the topic of slavery as it did. It was relatively stronger than the AoC, and there was a federal government with some teeth.
  • 74 years later, that flaw shattered the nation. In restoring the country and abolishing slavery, the federal government took on increased strength.
  • The Progressive movement came in the late 1800s. Ideas such as the Federal Reserve Act and the Sixteenth Amendment marked 1913 as a turning point in American History.
  • The Federal Government, especially since FDR, has increased its power, at the expense of the 50 States. Vastly expensive bureaucracies employ armies of point-headed little bureaucrats, and pile up debt on a scale that literally escapes comprehension.

You might have thought that the Information Age would have allowed for decentralization of power. Quite the opposite. The country is being emptied of value by our “political class”, the very existence of which is antithetical to what “We the People” areshould be about.

Seen from the standpoint where the US is a tub, power is water, and Washington, DC is the drain, Ron Paul is quite valuable as a rubber ducky for tracking the drainage. Sure, I think his neo-isolationist approach to foreign policy amounts to wishful thinking. No, I’m unconvinced that his gold standard solution actually buys much. However, the fact that we have any breath of intellectual fresh air in Pelosi’s House of Horrors is crucial.

Is Ron Paul a RINO? Arguably, from a libertarian standpoint. RINOs like Stacy’s cousin, in my mind, are Progressive squishes who’ve failed systematically to uphold the three-branch/three-level Consitution that I hold rather close. Am I a Constitution fetisher? Guilty as charged. Watching the presidential debate, and hearing Senator McCain talk about having the Treasury work directly with lenders to “solve” the mortgage crisis, I was thoroughly pissed to hear such a non-grasp of the chain of command coming from a retired Navy Captain. WTF, Senator? Where is the analysis that says the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 was a giant, steaming, and expensive load of fertilizer? Oh, that’s right: we’re talking about a Progressive RINO here.

Is Jesse Hathaway a Progressive? Here is a litmus test. Do you think that the Federalism Amendment makes sense? Nothing is perfect, but I submit that this is an idea that any actual, no-kidding, ant-RINO conservative should consider supporting substantially.

June 28, 2009

Small RINO herd spotted

by Smitty

In shameless and well-researched obedience to Rule 1, the Left Coast Rebel has profiled the RINO herd that assumed the position for HR2454.
The real question is whether the RINO herd or Manbearpig is the greater threat to our economy and country. What if the RINOs are actually allied with Manbearpig?

Is the inverted pachyderm a secret Manbearpig symbol?

April 21, 2009

The RINO Coalition?

Is your local Republican supporting Arlen Specter?

The five-term Pennsylvania Republican, who faces a tough primary challenge from conservative former Rep. Patrick J. Toomey, received donations from 10 Republican senators in the first three months of this year.
The pro-Specter senators, who donated from either their candidate committees or their leadership PACs, include Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky; John Cornyn of Texas, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee; and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, the Senate GOP Conference chairman.
Specter’s campaign report also showed that he received funds from committees linked to Richard C. Shelby of Alabama; Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson of Georgia; Bob Corker of Tennessee; Michael D. Crapo of Idaho; and George V. Voinovich of Ohio, who’s not seeking re-election next year.

(Hat-tips: Jason Pye and Club for Growth.) Any Republican who is even thinking about supporting Specter should first take a moment to ponder the warning from Stephen Gordon.

Johnny Isakson is up for re-election in Georgia next year, and I know a lot of Georgia conservatives are sick and tired of him already. When they find out Johnny’s been giving money to that worthless pro-abortion Big Government crapweasel Arlen Specter . . .

March 13, 2009

Headline of the Day

Will Everyone Named McCain
Please Leave the Republican Party!

Well, don’t you just wish, a$$hole? (And hey, Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Bob Barr!)

I started this blog and named it with the specific idea of distinguishing myself from the short, old, bald, grumpy geezer who — exactly as I said from the get-go — (a) was not conservative and (b) could not win in November.

This is clear proof that Crazy Cousin John’s RINO ways have imparted a stain to the family honor — and let’s don’t even talk about Meghan and “stain” in the same sentence, OK? A long-serving U.S. Senator and war hero has now become more of a disgrace to our name than me, perhaps the most notorious right-wing journalist in America.

I long worried that all the moonshine runners, snuff-dippers and bar brawlers in the Alabama branch of our family tree might feel I had failed to uphold our ancestral honor by working in the disgraceful racket that “journalism” has now become. Yet the two-faced, backstabbing, open-borders, bailout-endorsing crapweasel, Crazy Cousin John, has brought such odium upon our name that no one even pays attention to me.

Rush Limbaugh won’t even mention my American Spectator articles on his radio show, because the very name “McCain” has become an epithet among conservatives. If it weren’t for The One Thing Crazy Cousin John Did Right, I could never forgive him for the shame and embarrassment he has cause me.

And I should mention, BTW, that this Fox Forum article was sent to me by Atlanta’s lovely Carol Purdy Fields, whom I had a crush on in third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade . . .

January 7, 2009

Beware: New Internet scam

There is a new scam online: People who claim to be Republicans putting up Web sites to solicit donations. Do not give these RINOs money! They only push liberal open-borders and bailout agendas (and lose elections to Democrats). Ace has the details of the scam that any Nigerian would be ashamed to attempt.

UPDATE: My friends, I’ve been linked at Cold Fury.