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May 23, 2009

Scrappleface brings the perspective

by Smitty
Scott Ott, in his inimitable style, puts the Mancow waterboarding in perspective with a full 9/11 allusion:

Like the waterboarding experiment, the simulated 9/11 attack will occur under controlled circumstances, with firefighters and paramedics standing by to rescue him once he makes the choice of death by inferno or death by sidewalk impact.
“I just want to find out if being trapped in a burning skyscraper is as bad as that horrible waterboarding was,” said Mancow. “It’s hard to imagine anything worse than waterboarding. I’m pretty confident that I can withstand the searing heat of jet fuel combustion as I cling to a window frame 900 feet above the street.”

Read the whole thing.

March 21, 2009

More Scrappleface Goodness

by Smitty

Nobody lays down a quality flogging,
With such consistency while he is blogging,
As Scott Ott does, time after time,
Leaving me to respond with rhyme.