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July 25, 2009

Iowahawk Beats Amphibious Ted Down

by Smitty

Burge just throws the health care reform debate into the Chappaquiddick river. [Potty mouth]:

The statistics are sobering: the cost of American health care is rising almost as fast as the cold, briny water bubbling up from our floorboards. So far we have already lost the 8-track player and several Vic Damone tapes, and if allowed to continue these trends threaten to engulf all of us within the Oldsmobile. We must quickly wake up and face the facts: inaction is no longer an option. That is why it is critical for the future of all the occupants that one of us swim off and get us some kind of free health care program. I nominate me.

In related hit-the-drinkery, Fish Fear Me offers a brief on Apollo 11.

Now, somebody I want to buy the beverage of his choice is the dude who connected the Apollo program with Amphibious Ted, in Our Dumb Century, pg. 115: “Apollo 13 Astronauts Drown As Ted Kennedy Flees Splashdown Site“. Oddly, this gem is unavailable on their historic prints page. Where is the capitalism in that?

June 12, 2009

Ted Kennedy gets $2M for autobiography

Politico reports:

Sen. Ted Kennedy, the veteran Massachusetts Democrat who is battling brain cancer, was paid nearly $2 million last year for an author’s advance on a new autobiography, according to financial disclosure reports made public Friday.

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

March 10, 2009

Tribute to Ted Kennedy

Somebody e-mailed me a link to this:

It comes from a blog, Patum Peperium, which features an idiosyncratic mix of images, including one that can only be called Old School upskirt. I’m just reporting this stuff. As a neutral, objective, professional journalist, I have no opinions.

March 4, 2009

Sir Ted of Chappaquiddick


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will announce that Sen. Ted Kennedy will receive an honorary knighthood, the Times Online is reporting.
Brown is to make the announcement when he becomes the fifth British prime minister to address both houses of Congress.
Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat and an Irish-American, will be recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for his role in U.S.-British relations and the peace process in Northern Ireland.
Because he is not a British citizen, Kennedy will not be allowed to be called “Sir Ted,” but he will be allowed to place the initials K.B.E.(Knight of the British Empire) after his name.

Drown a girl in an Oldsmobile, wield political influence to get the charges reduced to a minor traffic infraction, and go on to become a Knight of the British Empire! Only a Democrat could get away with that.

January 26, 2009

Kennedy family ‘apoplectic’

Hell hath no fury like a Kennedy scorned. And at AOSHQ, Drew M. rounds up yet more delicious results of the Senator Princess debacle:

And it’s not just the Kennedy’s who are pissed that Paterson selected Kirsten Gillibrand for Hillary Clinton’s seat in the Senate. Plenty of downstate Democrats are mad and gun grabbing Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy has already vowed to primary Gillibrand in 2010.
But that rift in the party may not be Paterson’s biggest worry. Some analysts are saying that the snub of Andrew Cuomo guarantees that Mario’s son will run against Paterson himself in 2010.

God, I love it when Democrats start squabbling over the scraps of power like this. All the nonsense about how they want to help the underprivileged and oppressed goes right out the window the minute Democrats see the chance to help themselves. First it was Blago’s disgusting auction of Obama’s Senate seat, and now this.

Hope! Change! Plunder!

UPDATE: Richard Fernandez:

It also exemplifies Obama’s mastery of the art of paying for the sellout with the IOU. He double-crossed McCain, and in the process double-crossed Kennedy. But he squared the account with a check in the mail. “Caroline”. A whisper was all it took. Of course, the check bounced. And how.

It’s beautiful to watch how these political pirates backstab each other with such glee. Republicans don’t have to do anything except watch as the Democrats take turns aiming their knives at Obama’s back.

UPDATE II: “A slapstick fiasco.”

UPDATE III: Round-up and analysis from Jimmy at Sundries Shack.

UPDATE IV: Linked at RCP Best of the Blogs. And there’s this from the Economist:

Lawrence O’Donnell . . . calls Kirsten Gillibrand, the two-term congressman chosen over Mrs Kennedy, the product of “the hack world producing the hack result that the hacks are happy with.” . . .
This is life in a one-party state. The Democrats rule New York so completely that these are the political debates they get into, about which dynasty deserves what, and about whose ego was bruised by which party official.

UPDATE V: Daniel Flynn at The American Spectator:

Anyone familiar with four generations of Kennedys in politics knows that when Paterson rejected Caroline Kennedy, the New York governor transformed a major soap opera into a blockbuster one.

Kudos to Dan for the “Hell Hath No Fury” title — great minds think alike.