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July 23, 2009

Does no one in Tennessee knowhow to use a pistol anymore?

There was a time when a lowdown polecat like state Sen. Paul Stanley (R-Scumbag) would have found himself occupying an office six feet deep:

Sen. Paul Stanley tries desperately to hang on to his current marriage amid reports of a TBI confirmed admission of an extramarital affair with an intern and subsequent blackmailing by her boyfriend . . .
Before Stanley’s political career got going as a Senior Field Representative for Senator Bill First in 1995, he was married to another woman, his first wife, Judy Martin. . . .
According to documents obtained by Post Politics, in 1994, Judy Martin swore out a restraining order against her husband, Paul R. Stanley. From the order:
“Paul has verbally abused me as well as my children using very vulgar language. Also, this incident that occurred Feb 6th, 1994 is the third he has physically hit me. . . .”

Read the whole thing. Like Zell Miller said, it makes you nostalgic for the days when you could challenge somebody to a duel . . .

Honestly: I worked in D.C. for years. Every summer, the town fills up with interns. To “hit on” interns is a thing simply not done. They’re there in a learning capacity, and the boss therefore occupies the position of a teacher. It is one thing for a young person in a low-level staff position to date an intern, but it is entirely another thing for the boss to do it.

Whatever happened to the Good Old Days, when Republicans who wanted to have affairs had the common decency to fly off to Argentina?

UPDATE: It should be noted that I worked with both Clever S. Logan and HotMES when they were interns. HotMES has never forgiven me because she was my second-favorite intern in summer 2004, yet it was she who introduced me to Jason “Big Sexy” Mattera, whom I subsequently introduced to Clever S. and . . . Well, that certainly worked out wonderfully, didn’t it?

At any rate, Thou shalt not hit on thine intern is a widely recognized rule, and woe unto he who violates it.

March 4, 2009

So, a socialist, a Marlboro smoker and the President of the United State walk into a bar . . .

. . . and they were all the same guy!

“Nearly one in six Tennesseans has told a joke about Barack Obama’s race, and three-fourths say they’ve heard or read at least one, even though only 15 percent of Tennesseans say they would find such a joke funny.”

But seriously, folks — I just flew in from Nairobi and, man, are my arms tired!

BTW, yesterday was my best traffic day in the past 30 days — 17K+ visitors, 20K+ page views. So while I’m thinking about traffic, let me do some belated Rule 2 for Rule 5 Sunday bloggers, as The Patriot Room brings you Danica Patrick bikini AND Faith Hill upskirt.

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August 8, 2008

‘Big Oil’ hurts Republican

Potential trouble for November?

Being linked to “big oil” turned into a big problem for Tennessee Republican freshman Rep. David Davis, who became the first congressman from that state to lose in a primary in more than four decades.
Johnson City Mayor Phil Roe beat Davis by a 500-vote margin Thursday in the solidly Republican 1st District in the northeastern corner of the state. . . .
The race became increasingly acrimonious as the primary election neared. Roe ran a TV ad accusing Davis of selling out to “Big Oil” by accepting money from industry PACs and backing legislation supporting offshore drilling.

If being linked to “Big Oil” can hurt a candidate in a Republican primary (?!) what would be the effect of linking a Republican to “Big Oil” in the general election? Of course, there are plenty of Democrats in Congress who’ve taken money from “Big Oil” — including Exxon’s sweetheart Barack Obama — so Republicans could possibly fight fire with fire.

The bigger problem, in my eyes, is that there appears to be such widespread economic ignorance that demonizing “Big Oil” can gain political traction like this. Does being profitable makes a corporation evil? Does being associated with profitable companies make a politician evil? That such arguments could win in a Republican primary is disturbing.