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February 16, 2009

Sarah Palin: Laying pipe!

Energy development in Alaska = “Stimulus we can believe in!” says the hottest governor of the coldest state, in an interview with Michael Medved (via Conservatives4Palin):

Also: “First Dude” is 6th in the Iron Dog.

September 6, 2008

How cool is Todd Palin?

John McCain has the ultimate spouse — I mean, how cool is that, to marry the heiress to a beer distributorship? — but Sarah Palin’s married to the coolest dude in Alaska:

In Alaska . . . snowmobiling is the ultimate glamour sport, like Formula One racing in Europe. Todd Palin is a snowmobiling god. During this year’s 1,971-mile (3,172km) Tesoro Iron Dog race — which the First Dude has won no fewer than four times — he was flung 70ft (21m) from his machine when it hit a barrel hidden in deep snow. He broke his arm but completed the race, finishing fourth.

He’s like the Richard Petty of snow.

UPDATE: Headlined at AOSHQ. Thanks.