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November 22, 2008

Spitzer’s hooker speaks!

(Via Hot Air.) Let’s face it, at least Spitzer got his money’s worth, compared to whatever action “Truckstop Jim” McGreevey was getting . . .

UPDATE: I find myself anonymously accused in the comments of a “sexist and offensive” attitude, because my “cavalier comments” are a “thin disguise for admiration for Spitzer’s sexual prowess,” an endorsement of the “exploitation of young, beautiful women in the sex trade,” etc.

Lighten up, Anonymous. Nearly all my comments are “cavalier,” and the destruction of the crusading anti-capitalist Spitzer in a hooker scandal was one of the most richly ironic political stories of the year. He hates capitalism — those evil, greedy, big corporations! — yet he’s paying thousands per night to shag a high-priced call girl?

I certainly don’t “admire” Spitzer for his “prowess.” Paying for the companionship of a prostitute is the opposite of “prowess.” But at least, as I said, he got his money’s worth. If a politician is going to destroy his career with a sex scandal, the means of his destruction ought to be something extravagant and glamorous, rather than McGreevey’s sordid truck-stop assignations or Tim Mahoney’s tepid affair with a middle-aged Hill staffer. Wilbur Mills and “the Argentine Firecracker” splashing around the Tidal Basin — that’s what I call a sex scandal.

And, please, Anonymous, spare me this crap:

I just feel sad for Dupree; as sad as I felt for Monica Lewinsky. Both were exploited by powerful men and learned a painful lesson about bad choices and narcissistic men.

Dupre was engaged in a fee-for-service transaction. Who was exploiting whom? She goes on TV with Diane Sawyer and does the poor-victim routine, and everybody’s supposed to feel sorry for her. Not me. Let’s call a money-grubbing whore what she is, OK? The whore and her john are equally contemptible, and if I express my contempt through sarcastic humor, well, that’s pretty much how I express everything.

Finally, as to Miss Lewinsky: She was a spoiled-rotten rich girl who grew up in Bel Air, Calif. I try to make a point of never feeling sorry for people like that — given every advantage and every opportunity in life, petted and pampered and sheltered from harm, and ultimately failing because they lack any strength of character. Oh, I know the type well: Selfish, weak, superficial and filled with self-pity. What act of charity or generosity did Monica Lewinsky ever do that would recommend her as worthy of 1/10th of what was lavished on her? And now, on top of everything else, we are supposed to pity her? It seems to me she’s had entirely too much of that.

UPDATE II: Little Miss Attila calls me a whore. I think she means that as a compliment.