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July 16, 2009

Franken’s other Senate Judiciary appearance

by Smitty (h/t The Corner)

Kathryn Jean Lopez at the NRO Online links an SNL sketch transcript of the junior Senator from Minnesota’s initial appearance in a Senate Judiciary Committee setting.
As a full-service blog, it is our pleasure to dig up the clip over on Hulu for those with an Attention Defici–I think I’ll make some coffee.
At the time, Al Franken played Paul Simon (D-IL) and comes in at 5:00 to talk about a woman at Criminal Justice, and whether Thomas thought Franken had any chance with this famous “Sandy”.

Can’t figure out if the number of gasbags present in this sketch who are still cluttering public office is a bug or feature.
OK, enough of the Sotomayor spin: they’re bugs.

April 5, 2009

Anyone Else Watch The SNL Cold Open?

by Smitty

Fred Armisen doing a better Barack than Barack (could the arrangement be made permanent?) was terrifying. It was supposed to be amusing, building upon the firing of Wagoner at GM last week.
The faux-POTUS goes down a list of companies like a Roman Emperor at the Colosseum deciding the fates of gladiators. One was expected to find humor in the delivery of the thumbs-up and thumbs-down verdicts on companies like Coke and Fruit-of-the-Loom.
One could appreciate Armisen’s comic art for its own sake. I’m not saying it was a bad impression. I’m saying that the premise of the entire monologue left a very, very bad impression indeed, and fuels the need for everyone to oppose this effort to serve man with everything they’ve got.
I’ll check Hulu for a clip later. *shudder*

a) Thanks for the cluebat on the spelling of BHO’s first name.

Update II:
Underscoring the un-funny is Stuart Varney in WSJ. Hat tip:Let Freedom Ring.

March 22, 2009

An Olbermann Quiz

by Smitty

Clip A:

Clip B:
Without inspecting the URL, which one was a Saturday Night Live parody, and which was the real McJackass? I know, you said the parody was B. SNL really has gone downhill in the last few years, no? Can’t even tell the difference between a website and a human being. Lorne Michaels may need to retire.
via HuffPo.

March 20, 2009

The Bad FF Customer Feedback

by Smitty

Yesterday’s TOM-cat rant about the Bad Fast Food Customer seems to have struck a nerve in Dustbury, but it’s OK. You see, Trolling Technorati is a variation on Rule 3 for us wee interns at The Other McCain School of Blogadelic Arts and Craftiness.

Dustbury, besides demonstrating the exquisite taste to quote this blog at length, also used the word “corksoaking”, alluding to a most venerable post of his.

This post precedes this (basically) NSFW SNL clip by about a year:

Saturday Night Live – Cork Soakers Season: 29

The meta-joke is watching Janet Jackson attempt to keep a straight face while reading the prompter. Kristen Wiig she ain’t.

March 8, 2009

The Doltish Duo

By Smitty

The Reid, Pelosi Swearing Match is just another brick in the wall for The Congress That Shall Live in Infamy. But this brace of boobs didn’t just show up in January. No, their consistent non-command of effective leadership is such that there is a body of classic abuse just waiting to be linked.

You, Mr. Reid, are the target of among the more majestic rants I’ve ever heard:

(Aside: how many new PJTV subscribers would it take to secure a weekly Miller Time segment, one wonders?)

Slightly less caustic in approach is Kristen Wiig’s demolition of Nancy Pelosi, just after the 2006 election. This clip is from SNL, and the implication that the House of Representatives is an S’n’M dungeon under her tenure makes it NSFW.

How does that lady keep a straight face while serving up that material?

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