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July 3, 2009

A sad form of amusement

by Smitty

A sad form of amusement
  comes after the jig is done
    and someone pays the piper.

This rarely proves truly fun,
  more often an atonment:
    venting a nasty diaper.

How often under the gun,
  when everyone is hyper,
    is there any discernment?

The wise man seems a sniper:
  “Nothing new under the sun!
    (not tactic’ly relevant).

And thus out comes the viper,
  spewing naught but excrement:
    “Taxation is redemption!”

Fleeing becomes evident.
  Wallets avoid the reaper.
    Economic destruction.

Foolishness is detriment.
  Kleptocracy is undone.
    Capitalism: keeper.