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March 17, 2009

Why Does Instapundit Hate Virginia?

by Smitty

Here he goes with another Murtha is a crook post, which we all understand. But The Fine Article also points out (emphasis mine) that

John Murtha [D-PA], James Moran [D-NJ(sic)*], and Pete Viclosky [D-IN] all figured prominently, but the report showed a wide range of behaviors by politicians in both parties.

Look, when one screws up, one should air the laundry. It’s good for the soul. Others may learn vicariously not to repeat your (in this case, voting) errors. So, Instapundit, please help VA-8 to understand where we went wrong, what we did to offend, and how we can overcome your disdain in our efforts to get equal airtime for our local nitwit. Help us be rid of this peripatetic pettifogger:

*Just how does one screw that up?